Saturday, October 31, 2009

Open Hearted

After I lost my father last year, my amazing astrologist and friend Marlana told me to make sure to do heart openers. Heart openers, heart openers, heart openers! I was closing myself off from family, friends, the world around me unintentionally. I was sharing with friends and family how I was feeling, I was dealing with it, but I was lost and alone at the same time.

By giving myself a pause into a heart opener, I was able to recharge, to let life flow, to open up what was locked inside of me.

I was reminded of this today. I have being doing more resting and recovering this week in between driving to visit friends and family and I got more out of touch with yoga than I would have liked. This morning, as I was feeling rested and healthy again, I headed to a double header of yoga. Two classes in a row. The first teacher asked if there were any requests and I said, Yes, heart openers! She took that request on and WOW did I feel it. I was even getting dizzy when coming up to stand! That hasn't happened in forever. It felt so good to unlock whatever junk I was holding onto.

Opening my heart physically moves a lot mentally and emotionally too. When I open my heart I really presence love. I give up fear. I give up being right. I am exuberant. I am love.

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  1. i lost my dad 2 easters ago. i have been stuck in a 'rut' of sorts since. but i definitley know how you feel. i am working on heart opening. i wish i could be more positive like you about things. perhaps one day. =) take care.