Friday, October 30, 2009


I have gotten so present to the fact of my being present.

I took a partially unexpected road-trip last week and I really was able to be present for each drive, not just wanting to arrive at my final destination but being with the drive.

When I figured out that I had never booked one of my flights, my immediate reaction was to book a car, no stress, I thought it was hilarious. It all works out how it is supposed to be, right? When I told family and friends that I was now driving 10 hours instead of flying, I had mostly reactions of that is horrible! My response was, why, I think it is hilarious it will be great. Now, I did not necessarily want to drive 10+ hours but that was what was happening, so I took it on as awesome. And you know what? It WAS!

While I was driving I got so present to how easy it is to drive across the country. There are signs everywhere marking the way. Lines on the road showing your proper place. Food, drink, restrooms, stores carrying anything you may or may not need. I was so provided for on the drive. If my car had broken down, all I had to do was dial a number and people would come to help me. If I got tired I could pull over and get a hotel room. The ways we are provided for are endless.

People are always commenting on how much I travel and asking me which is my favorite place, are you looking forward to such and such place, how was.....?????? I am often at a loss for words when I get asked these questions and I realize now that it is because I am present to each place that I am in when I am there. I am not in Cincinnati daydreaming back to Maui or imagining myself in South America, I am in Cincinnati. That doesn't mean that I didn't have an amazing time on my previous trips or that I am not looking forward to ones to come, it simple means I am present to each day, each location. I believe Cincinnati and Tallahassee all have something to offer me just as much as Maui.

I am grateful for what I have. I am always focused in the present moment where I have everything wonderful I desire, I am filled with gratitude.

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