Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I am being with the Little Things.

I take SUCH great pleasure, in such LITTLE things and I absolutely LOVE it.

Just now, I was passing my freshly steeped pomegranate green Tulsi tea back and forth between a mason jar full of ice and an old sauerkraut jar to cool the tea off, I was craving iced tea.  Back and forth, back and forth and for some reason this made me giggle with joy and feel overcome with pride.  I felt like a little pro bartender mixing up my patron’s order.  Seriously, this small action brought me pride and joy.

Earlier today on the way to my local health food store, I passed two men who are visible into their 70s.  One was dressed in a sweatsuit and carrying a basketball, the other was wearing, jeans, a nice top hat, and wool coat.  I noticed the basketball and wondered if perhaps the man in the sweatsuit was going to meet his grandchild to play at the park that is right by my apartment.  On my way back from the store, I glanced up when passing the park and spotted those two men, on a basketball court playing, just them  out shooting hoops on this mighty chilly day.  I LOVE IT!

When stopping by the library to return a few books and pick up my newest holds, I was finishing up my green juice that I had just got at the health food store and the woman checking me out asked me if I minded telling her where I had got the juice.  She lives on the other side of town and hasn’t found anywhere in this neighborhood to find any.  Are you kidding me?  Do I mind?  I rattled off 3 places nearby, complete with cross streets, prices and their green juice offerings.  I love to share!

Lately, I find myself gliding around my apartment acting as if I am a ballerina.  I am not present to my actions until I am mid leg lift or turn and then I lite up with laughter at myself.  It could be the after effects of watching Black Swan or my re-gaining of strength in my core muscles from my consistent yoga-ing.  Either or, I love the randomness of it.

What are some little things that brought you joy today?

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