Saturday, January 22, 2011

I am being Perfect in my Imperfections

I have discovered beauty from the inside out.

I have found my path.  I trust my path.  I am allowing the universe to show up and do its work.  I am not stressing or pushing to have a physical result to show people or myself.

I am shining from the inside out.  I am at peace.  I am allowing.  I am accepting.   I look into the mirror and see myself radiating.  People comment, ” Wow you are so beautiful”. ” You are glowing”.  People that have known me for years.  People that I have only met a few times and people that I have just met.

On the outside, I am not perfect in any way except for my imperfections.  I have laugh lines deep around my eyes that my makeup seeps into and makes more visible.  I have blemishes that are not well disguised.  I have large visible pores.  My hair is wavy with some parts deciding to go straight.  I have a tendency towards a dry scalp that lends me gorgeous flakes in my hair and sometimes down to my shoulders.  I am tall and fit but not neccessarily slim.  I have a full booty.  A belly  that stretches around to my back for love handles.  I have arm fat that surrounds my strong muscles.   I got it all.

I fully accept all of these parts of me.  Do I look for a better eye cream and skincare line?  Yes.  Do I eat well and exercise? Yes.  But, I don’t fuss I don’t fret.  This is who I am right now. Right here, today, and I love and accept it.   I love and accept me in all of my imperfections.  I am perfect in my imperfections.

There is always room for growth internally and externally but that doesn’t mean I make myself feel less than right now.

Accept yourself.  Love yourself.  Show up for yourself.   Be perfect in all of your imperfections.  You are gorgeous.  You are glowing.  You are on your path.

Consider that wherever you are now is part of your path.  There is no wrong path.  Yours just may twist and turn along the way.  You may go straight for a while and then hit a turn.  You may end up taking U-turns.   You may drive round and round in circles.  Trust it, allow it, love it and love you, all of you.

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  1. You inspired me so much! Glad that there are still people like you. So thoughtful and so motivating! Like you, I have tons of imperfections. I don't like my hair, my boobs, my teeth, everything! I even went to my surgeons and dentists to make myself look gorgeous. But I've realized that no matter what you do to yourself, you still need to accept everything about you. Anyway, keep on inspiring us Tricia!