Tuesday, January 18, 2011

I am being with the weather.

I could possible win an award for the amount I check up on, or don’t check on, to be more accurate weather reports.  This morning, when I opened my blinds I noticed some fresh snow on the railing of my fire escape.  As I was getting ready to leave for yoga, I thought about the fresh snow and wondered if I better wear my wellies (rainboots, if you don’t know).  I figured it was just a little fresh snow and the streets have been quite clean from the last fall, so I chose my cozy Uggs.

I stepped out the door, to discover some wetness, or really a LOT of wetness.   Halfway down the block, I thought, “Do I go back up and change?”.  I had left a few minutes later then usual already and I don’t like to be late or even on time for yoga.  I like to be early.  So, I chose to keep on walking the mile to my yoga studio.   I doubted it would be that bad.

In fact, it turned out to be the most weather that I have yet endured here in NYC.  Cold, rainy sleet coming down onto my wool coat and into my face.  Slushy snow and puddles covering the ground and making it very interesting for stepping from sidewalk to street.  After only a few blocks, my cozy Uggs had become swamps that I could not escape, but it was just weather.  It was just wetness.  Did I wish that I had worn my wellies instead?  Of course, I did.  But, I didn’t.  That is it, end of story.  I am not making myself wrong, or getting angry or doubting my choices.  I am not scolding myself for not checking the weather.

Life is a game, an adventure and this was part of my adventure for today.  I actually flashed back to my trip back to visit my family over Christmas.  My niece and nephew (8 and 5) had just recieved Mario Brothers for their Wii and I really got into playing it while I was there.  As I picking where to place my feet along my path, to get the least amount of swamp foot, I thought, this is just like Mario Brothers.  Today, I reached a new world on the game and it happened to be the world of wet winter storm.  Am I going to quit the game because it doesn’t look as fun as the one where I get to leap into clouds?   Heck no.  I like this life game (and Mario game) I am not going to let the world that I walked into today stop me from getting closer to rescuing the princess.

Walking in the slushy streets reminds me to be present to the now.  I first noticed this on New Year’s Eve, when I left my house in 5 inch heels (not normal for my attire) while there was remnant snow patches from the big blizzard still about.  I often walk with my cell phone in hand, texting, tweeting, taking notes of my thoughts, etc.  With the snow and slush, I put the phone away and pay close attention to where each foot is going to land.  For this, I am grateful for the weather that allows me to slow down and be with it, to be present with what is there.

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