Monday, June 21, 2010

someone who matters.

How lucky are we to have found each other?  How lucky are we to have lived this life?  How lucky are we to know what we know?  How lucky are we to get to do this all?

How can I define who I am, without you?  You have done everything for me, just in you being you.  You may have been a big part of my life or I may have never of had a conversation with you, but you have helped to form who I am. 

Your image, your clothes, your taste, your voice, your words, your laugh, your being has made me who I am, because of you I form myself.  You may have done this unintentionally, in most cases that is so, but you are an effect on me and on the world at large in so many ways.

Often, I imagine myself as an ant that barely shows up for anyone, but how do I know that?  Everyone may actually see me, even when I am not seeing them.  Someone is always watching, someone is always listening, even if that someone is only myself.  How do I want to show up?  For you?  For her?  For him?  For them?  For me?  Who I am being for myself and for you, because I matter and so do you.


  1. I am listening and watching...without judgment...except, I love what I hear and I love what I see.

    Continued success. :)

  2. That gave me shivers.
    Something i've been toying with for a while, how do you thank those who have this impact on your life?

  3. beautiful post! xx

  4. poland likes you

  5. greetings from Poland

  6. I have been following this blog for sometime now... and I love that you are on a wonderful journey of finding all the joys that life has to offer..

    this particular post just struck a chord with me..

    see, just this past week, my "brother", my friend, my sometimes-partner-in-crime, passed away, and he as just 20 years old... in his 20 years he has done so much..... i actually, read this blog entry as my eulogy, as I can't write or think straight... this was erriely posted just right around he passed...

    i thank you for writing it, and that i had to borrow your words to express how i feel...

    thank you so much tricia :)

    your fellow sound engineer/techie/finding her path and hopefully, a joyolist-to-be...


  7. Wow. Natalia. You are so welcome and I am honored that you chose to read this and that it touched you. I am sending so much love to you and your family. I know what loss feels like. He is always with you.