Sunday, June 27, 2010

Part of it all.

I have just gotten off the bus in Calgary after a long two day drive. It is 9pm and the sun is still out. I have walked 20 minutes to a quaint vegetarian restaraunt that was recommended to me. Sitting here, at dinner alone, people watching and being with fresh faces in a fresh town are moments that I feel tears. Not tears of loneliness or sadness. Tears of pure joy. Of pure astonishment of all that life has to offer. Getting to be in the backgrounds of peoples lives. Getting to see people on dates with friends and lovers. People walking their dogs and riding their bikes. Rowdy people at sports bars. Party buses roaring by. Elegant people at tapas and wine bars. I get to be a part of it all.

Random conversations with hosts, awkward moments with waitresses, catching the eyes of other solo diners. Wondering if people think I'm lame because I am typing furiously into my blackberry and then letting go of that wondering and any wondering of what people may be thinking of me. I am hearing glimpses of conversations as people walk by and hearing the emotions of their voices. We are all expressing. We are all living.

Almost every city I'm in I think its so cute here! Then, almost immediately I think Wow! That guy lives here. People live here and may never leave here. Wow. I am blessed to get to experience so much. A friend asked me via email if I get lonely on the road, being away from my friends. How can I be lonely when there are amazing people everywhere?


  1. If you make it up to Edmonton, I reccomend checking out the legislature grounds and eating at the blue plate diner (it's close by and veggie friendly). Alberta has many wonderful places to enjoy and I'm glad you get to be here!

  2. I love following your travels... I agree... amazing and awesome people everywhere... stay happy

  3. I love this: How can I be lonely when there are amazing people everywhere? :)
    Happy travels! xx

  4. I love your perspective, indeed the life of the traveler is peppered with challenges--but the experience makes life oh-so-much richer! :)