Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Am I enough? Am I serving a purpose? Am I being of service? Am I who I want to be? Am I who I say I am? Am I confident? Am I strong? Am I empowering? Am I love inspiring? Am I just here? What am I?

Asking myself these questions is great as long as I answer myself and create what I want from my answers? I am doubting myself, yes? My expectations of what hole I would be filling may not be matching up exactly as I planned, but am I serving a purpose? YES. Expectations are changeable. They are not fixed. I am open to what is here. I am stepping in to serve where I can.

By asking myself these questions, I am calling myself into a higher form of action. Questioning can be good, but questioning can be bad. I will use my questioning to be a stand, a stand for love, a stand for grounding, a stand for anything that is possible and what may be seen as impossible.

I am enough. I am serving a purpose. I am being of service. I am who I want to be. I am who I say I am. I am confident. I am strong. I am empowering. I am love inspiring. I am!

Expectations are changeable. Expectations are an unnecessary necessary. I tell myself to not have expectations, but expectations happen. What is important is for me to know that those expectations don't mean anything. They do not need to be met. They are just a plot created in my mind. I accept what shows up and I be who I want to be in it. I create my thoughts. I create my speech. I create my actions. I create my beliefs. I create my attitudes. I create it all. I create that I am enough and I will step into I am enough and more.


  1. You are enough, and you are awesome! I have missed your blogs! Love it :D

  2. When illusion spins her net, I'm never where I want to be, And liberty she pirouettes, When I think that I am free, Watched by empty silhouettes, Who close their eyes, but still can see, No one taught them etiquette, I will show another me... ~ Peter Gabriel

  3. This was something that I always questioned myself: expectations to be what I want to be x don´t exepactate helped.. i have something to think about!!
    big xx