Monday, November 22, 2010

A daily practice in shifting my focus from get to give.

Now that I am back to remembering my IT IS NOT ABOUT WHAT I CAN GET, BUT WHAT I CAN GIVE. I am allowing that to shift into all parts of my daily life and wow is it fun!  It is not all about me!!!

Yesterday in yoga we worked on a few poses with partners.  My normal inclination is that when the poses are being demonstrated to watch it from the view of how do I do this pose?  I want to make sure I get it right, but what I realize is that I end up paying little attention to how I am supposed to act as the supporting partner.  So, I know how to get into the pose for myself, but I am completely lost when it comes to assisting and serving my partner.  So, when it is her turn I am lost on how to be most supportive and that is no good These are complicated poses and that is why we are using partners: to support each other!

So, yesterday, when a multi-step partner work inversion was demonstrated I watched from a new view.  I watched to see how can I best be of support to my partner.  I want to make sure that she gets the best experience.  It is not about me.  Wow! It felt so good and I even took on supporting my neighboring partner clusters that were confused as to how to best assist each other (I am not the only one that naturally picks to pay attention to what I can get, it seems).

This morning, I woke up to full in-boxes, as usual.  When I got to my regular Free Cycle email I did my usual scrolling of the "OFFER" only posts.  Again my natural inclination was to "What can I get?" not "What can I give?".  I was present to this and so then re-scanned the "WANTED" posts.   True, I don't have much to give away, as I have still not acquired all of the furnishings for my own apartment, but you never know.   I may actually have something that someone else can get more use out of.  I bet there are actually tons of things from my half furnished, not decorated apartment to give away!

Life is much more fun when remembering that it is all about what I can give!  And just in time for the holidays, too!

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