Saturday, November 27, 2010

an invitation to be free of judgement

We, as people really seem to love to judge.

I witness Raw foodists judging vegans.

I witness Vegans judging vegetarians.

I witness Vegetarians judging meat eaters.

I witness meat eaters judging non-meat eaters.

I witness the health conscious judging the McDonald’s eaters.

I witness the organic eaters judging the non-organic eaters.

I witness yogis judging those that go to fancy night clubs.

I witness yogis judging yogis who practice another form of yoga then themselves.

I witness those who listen to one type of music judging those who listen to another type of music.

I witness those who don’t wear animal products (i.e. leather) judge those who do.

This list can go on and on and on.

Where does it get us, as people, to judge so much? Do we feel better about ourselves in judging others? I am aware that these judgments may trigger automatically inside of our heads, but we have the ability to change our thoughts, even once they come up.

Other people may not have the same beliefs as us, they may live different lifestyles then us, but what does the negative energy that judgements carry provide for ourselves and for others? It does not serve anyone!

If you want to share your lifestyle with others, no matter what choices you make, no matter what music you listen to, no matter what you eat then just be happy with yourself and your choices. I see that as the most welcoming thing. I am much more apt to listen to someone who shines from the inside out.

I don’t push yoga, affirmations, conscious eating, yerba mate or anything else that I practice on anyone else. But, because people see me full of energy, healthy and happy they are open to me and the ask me for tips to get it for themselves.

I am the first to say that my way is not the “right” way, which means that there is no “wrong” way.  It is just what I find works for me.

I live my life to be open to all and when I say all, I MEAN ALL!

Free yourself from judgment and surround yourself and all others with love.

If we all were the same, life would be pretty damn boring!

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