Friday, February 4, 2011

I am being that the world wants me to show up as me.

A couple of months ago, one of my followers emailed me about an opportunity to work with Seth Godin on his  Domino Project.  He was looking for:

…two or three people to work with me in my office outside of New York, engaged in every element of the project, from copywriting and editing to social media to business development to promotion. My goal is to offer you a hands on experience with full exposure to the market, to technology and to shipping great work out the door. When we’re done, I think you’ll be qualified to start your own gig or find a great job in media.

I was immediately intrigued and grateful that she thought to share this with me.  Although, I have not read any of Seth’s books, I know his name, I read his blogs here and there (not regularly), and I am most definitely inspired by him and what he is up to.  I chose not to apply, as I was and still am fully committed to my own projects (for the first time in my life) right now, most importantly getting my first book written and published.

A few times since then my mind has wandered back to thinking about the project, as I know it is a big one, with a great opportunity to learn.  I thought about how cool it would have been to be a part of it, but knowing that I made the right choice, regardless of whether he would have chosen me or not.   Then, low and behold last week I see that The Domino Project is now looking for people to be a part of it’s street team.  I didn’t exactly know what that meant (to be honest, I still don’t) but I knew that I had to apply immediately.  I knew that I wanted to be a part of this.

So, I applied and I applied with passion!  I don’t even know what I said or how I answered the questions, but I know I was showing up 100% as being me and also showing that I wanted in.  I didn’t write from a place of “you need me!” or “I need you!”, but of outright passion and truth and Holy F@*$ing Shit, I was chosen!

When I opened my You’re In email from the Domino Project’s chief evangelist, Amber Rae, I jumped up and down for about 5 minutes straight.  That evening, I started to virtually meet my fellow chosen Street Teamers and my excitement quadrupled, to put it lightly.

I am in the company of a collection of truly amazing and inspiring people.  As I read their bios and checked out their websites I was beyond stoked to be a part of this team.  My thoughts included, “I can learn a lot from them!” ” I am so going to be picking their brains!”.  I was completely high on life.

The next day, I remembering pausing before sending out a tweet out into twitterspace.  What will my new team members think of that?  Many of Team Domino was now following me on twitter, as I was them.    I started thinking of how my reflection was going to show up to them.   I am a lot different than these people, I wonder what they think about me?

I wasn’t getting down on myself, I was just getting real with myself.  I mean, I am still very new to writing and blogging, I know very little about the publishing world, I use words like “stoked”, I don’t use proper grammer or punctuation,  I cuss openly, and I could go on and on and on here on ways I am not like them.  I started to wonder if they were wondering why I had been chosen.

Lucky for me, my whole mission in life is inspiring people to love and accept who they are and to be who they are.  Guess what?  That applies to me, too!

What I get is:  YES, I am a lot different than my team members, but consider that is exactly why I was picked.  The others may have more similarities to each other, (or not I just may be making up that they do)  but not one of them is alike, either.  Consider that this project will be that much stronger because of our individualities and our backgrounds.  If Seth and the Domino Project wanted a team of people that were all up to exactly the same thing, with the same ideas, they would have picked those people (b-o-r-i-n-g).

I am worthy of being in the company of this team.  And I am really F@$%ing excited.
Consider that what the world wants from you is for you to show up as you.

More to come on what this project means to me and my inspiring team members!

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