Wednesday, May 26, 2010

the eyes of amazing

What if I create everyone as amazing? What if I only see possibilities for everyone? What if I forget (or put aside) all past experiences with family and friends that do not create them as being their highest self?

I have an example for you. One of my close friends is planning to embark on being fully silent for the month of June. She is a singer (and a super talented one) who often goes on vocal rests to take care of her voice, but those usually only last a day or so. This girl loves to sing and this girl loves to talk. She is incredibly social and lives with her equally social, equally talkative boyfriend. This month of silence will not be a walk in the park.

When I first heard that she was going to take this month of silence on I was shocked with excitement. What a huge thing to take on! A few seconds later entered doubt. There is no freaking way that she will be able to be silent for a whole month! I mean, come on! That is crazy! Especially, from her!

Wow! That thought pattern is not serving anyone, now is it? It is not serving my friend, for me to not believe in her and it doesn’t serve me to not be fully supporting my friends. My past experiences with said friend may bring me to the conclusion that she will not be able to do this, but that is all the past. What does it really matter? The past is the past, the now is the now and right now I am creating that she has the commitment, strength, courage, and passion to do this. Yes, this will be a challenge, but having people in her life that are 100% behind her will motivate her to stick with it. My believing in her may very well be what gets her through those 30 days of muteness.

This theory, this way of being, creating everyone as amazing does not just have to apply to people that are taking on big things. It can work for anyone and any situation. Let’s say the cashier at your local market is less than friendly. Instead of going through her checkout line thinking, “Boo, I got the grumpy one again. I am going to avoid eye contact and get out of here quick.” How about approaching her with pure honest love and gratitude. Offer her a big smile, a hello and a thank you and approach her as if she is the most courageous, inspiring, loving woman you have ever encountered. It doesn’t matter if she still acts grumpy towards you, just keep creating her in the best light and it will serve you, her and everyone else for the best.

So, this is what I am up to. Don't even try to be less than amazing. I hereby create you (yes, you) as freaking amazing!


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  2. thank you for sharing your insane thoughts and fresh awakenings with us miss Trish. It helps to hear/ read that I am not the only one who slips in holding people in the highest space and brightest light that I can find for them. and I just love the fall down get up-ness with which you are so honest in sharing....... yep! I dig it :)

  3. YES! YES! YES!

    We're never not creating the beings in our lives - every single person we've made conclusions and assumptions about is just a story we've made-up in our minds. So why not make the story amazing? Why not create ourselves to be dazzled by each other and dazzling to each other?

    And you know what's amazing? When you choose to create that kind of lightness and love-ness about everyone in your view, you do SO MUCH to lift up the energy all around you!

    I love how awake you are to yourself!

    stay Light ~

  4. just wanted to let you know that you truly inspire me to want to be a better person and to step out of my comfort zone. every time you have a new post my day is brightened and i am so excited =) keep it up, sista XXoo

  5. Gee Tricia, you sure are swell. Thanks again for a blog that's got me all shook up!

  6. :) loved it!!
    I´ll try it, starting now!