Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ready for the next.

I like fresh starts. I like clean slates. I like beginnings. I love moving into the unknown. I love those energies that I don’t fully understand, but trust to guide me to the next stop along the journey.

There is beauty to be found in all. There is beauty here and I am ready to leave it. That doesn’t mean that I don’t find it beautiful here anymore, I am just ready for the next. I feel that energy moving through me and around me.

I am moving along. This week I am prepping and packing to go on a huge adventure of bicycling 645 miles from San Francisco to Los Angeles as part of Aids Life Cycle 9 and straight from that I am joining the lovely Colbie Caillat on tour as her JOYOLOGIST!!!?!??!?!?! So, beginnings are happening for me, but I am feeling more. I am ready to dive full on in. FULL. ON. IN.

I have been telling people that I created the Joyologist by accident, but I now know that statement is false. I have been working at this for years, I just didn’t have a name for it. Maybe, I was afraid of what it was. Maybe, I was afraid that no one would care. Maybe I was afraid that it wasn’t me.  Maybe I wasn't up for it.  But, I DO want this. This is who I am. I have been afraid to say that because I made up that it meant that I was saying that I am better than you, whoever you are. I am stepping into fully taking on this title now and for me that is huge, but really that doesn’t have to mean anything.

I am ready world. Do you hear me, Universe? I am ready. I love this moment. I love all that I have known and all that I do know and I am ready for more. Whatever that looks like, in whatever form that comes in, my arms, my heart, my soul is open. I am ready for the next.


  1. Tricia...I am completely happy for you. As a random human being, I'm sure it doesn't mean much, but I have been trying to have the guts to thank you for everything you do. I started following jason mraz's blog a year ago because I was heading to a concert of his and became a big fan. I read his blog, intrigued by all of the causes and questions that he has about life and people, and it was very much inspiring. From his blog, I stumbled onto your blog and became truly amazed. Your outlook on life and your energy is contagious and brings others joy. I am one of them. Thank you for being real and for sharing your life. Daily, I look forward with hopes that the joyologist has a new post. Congrats on your journey and I'm excited for your new adventures!


  2. This is so infectiously exciting and optimistic! I love it! Congratulations on your new starts and I can't wait to hear more about them :) xx

  3. Hey Tricia! I just have to say thank you for being a source that proves that you can still survive while sticking to your ideals, and find a job where you don't have to compromise being a good person.

  4. Hey namesake!
    I love the energy! like Rachel says,its infectious! To new beginnings. Enjoy!

  5. Yay! Well you did such an amazing job with Jason Mraz's tour. Can't wait to hear all about your new set of Joyologist adventures!

  6. many many congratulations on landing a gig as joyologist! how awesome! i pray for the best for you on your bike ride and your bike ride and your new adventure. starting anew is always amazing! xoxoxo &hearts

  7. I am truly happy for you, Ms Joyologist, Tricia Hoffman!! Big YES!! for you!!!

    Your words and acts always inspire someone to carry on their dream. I would love to say thank you to you. Finding you through Jason Mraz's blog was one of the coolest thing ever...! As I was struggling with my own career issue since last year, your shared experiences and words on your blogs turned out to be such a nutritious ingredients to my life. Like those " Vitamineral Green" smoothies ;) You are truly awesome being. Your new journey would be another epic achievement in your joyologist path.

    I now release myself from a full-time career path of flower designer, I am a freelance designer and a flower joyologist! I steal the idea from you. I love my work as a floral designer, but wanna expand the career possibility into a love spreading flower elf/joyologist as well. I'm joining a volunteer work at New York Restoration Project tomorrow, planning to teach flower arrangements at a flower shop/my former employer, and I'm thinking of attending a hula dance lesson to explore more possibilities to share and spread love in to the world...( I saw it yesterday in Central Park and love it!! ) I'm having an extreme fun... ;) It may take a looooooong way to establish my career path, but I'm happy to take the journey.

    So, thank you for being such an inspirational person. Looking forward to your new adventure!!!

    PS. Have fun with a bike ride!! It'll be a super awesome event :D

    Much love and gratitude from both us,

    Hana & Seesaw the cat

  8. :) you inpire me, and the world! thanks for sharing that we can assume the love for joy without guilt!!

    I wish you all the best, all the love and all the same joy you spread in the world! :D

    big kiss

  9. What wonderful adventures lay ahead of you!! Cant wait to hear all about them!