Monday, August 23, 2010

a listener to love expressing through concern.

Many people gave me warnings about such a big move and gave me their view on NYC life.  I listen and know that it is them expressing love.  They care about me, so they are sharing their experiences of NY and life with me.  I gently remind them that ...

A) I am not from Southern California - I grew up in the midwest and the lived in Chicago for years.
B) I can deal with weather.  I like weather.
C) I have missed living in a city since I left Chicago-cities make sense to me.
D) I have toured the world for the last 7 years and I am used to being in a new city or new country each day.  I am used to immersing myself immediately.
E) I am not scared.
F) I see everything in life as an adventure
G) There is no such thing as failing
H) I am up for it all

On the phone with a friend yesterday, who just found I moved, she said, "oh wow, you moved to NY? Is that a bad thing or a good thing?" in a questioning voice.

Bad thing??????  What is that?  I do not understand how it could be bad?  I don't really see anything as bad.  It is all life.  It is all a learning experience.  It all takes you to the next step.  It all shapes who we are. 

But, your answer, is IT IS FREAKING AMAZING THING!!!!

New York, New York I am in love with you and all that you have to offer.  Thank you for offering me your giant apple to take a bite of and savor!


  1. i moved to new york a year ago, from a small town in southern new jersey. people gave me similar warnings, "but new york is so expensive! it's so crazy! you'll get burnt out!" i understood their concern but i am just so in love with this city, it is the place for me to be right now! i love its energy, its diversity, its constant changing... every day i am just so grateful for being able to live in this amazing place. welcome!

  2. woohoo! congrats on your move and all the fun adventures coming up!! so very excited for your website-please load it up with recipe ideas? heehee there is so much to be discovered re: these super and raw foods-learning, learning! you helped me with a recipe in the past and i'm oh so grateful-it was yummy!thank you! enjoy your apple:)

  3. I was planning a trip to Norway with a friend last summer & I remember many people saying fearful comments to us about how we had to be careful, how we could be kidnapped....

    I'm glad you can look at their comments as expressions of love. I didn't feel that way back then. :)

    I say in life go for it!! :) I've taken many risks myself, lived in NY for over 4 years & recently moved back to California despite people saying how difficult it was to find a job. :) 6 months later I'm working full time & making more money back here than I did prior to moving :) Anything's possible :D but I know you know that.

  4. Amen! Savor the flavor of that Apple! In my next life, I'm doing a residential reincarnation right in the middle of the Theatre District!!!

  5. well then you need to watch this