Sunday, August 22, 2010

my future

Wow.  Hi.  It is Sunday afternoon in New York City.  I am home in my East Village sublet, working on my soon to be launched website.  There are so many balances that I working to find within it.  I want to be sharing everything from yoga tips to recipes to something I just bumped into that inspires me, that makes me smile from head to toe.  I also want to be selling the services that I have created to lead people to truly loving who they are, and the lives that they are choosing to lead.  I want to move people to get out of their own way.

I am also working to find a balance so that it appeals to all.  I want to work with high-powered business executives, housewifes, runway shows, photo shoots, artists, yoga teachers, everyone!  Then there is the design and trying to not spend a ton of money on it, so working to most of it myself, which can be timely as I don't know the ins and outs of web building (but, I am learning!)

Anyways, in an effort to touch up my bio, my mission, and my service descriptions I thought to today about coming back to my blog here to re-read and re-live all that I have spoken here.  This page is where I big part of me was birthed and it is a portal into my brain as none of this page is thought out.  It is merely, my opening my laptop and letting my brain process through my keystrokes. 

So, I chose to start with the first entry that I ever wrote and wow.  It is amazing to me to read those words and to see how much I have transformed, how much I have let go of, how empowered in myself that I have become since then.  I love reflection.  Reflection through others (a bell always goes off in my head when I find myself annoyed with someone else---ding-ding-ding---reflection of yourself, Tricia!) and reflection through my life.  Yes, I live in the now, but remembering the past and that it has all gotten me hear is such sweet bliss.

Which reminds me.... When I flew from LA to NYC on Tuesday to move, to live here, my dream city, the security guard at an ID checkpoint took my ID and said, "you heart has lead you right here to this security checkpoint".  He had read the tattoo on my arm and was making a funny.  I giggled and then with complete seriousness, I said, "YES, Yes, it has!"

my first blog

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