Monday, August 9, 2010

ultra crystal clear.

Communication is key.

I am all about communication, but still I forget that other people don't think like I do and I don't think like other people do.  Even my best friends and family, we all think differently, we all react differently.  Mis-communications can happen so easily about the smallest things, even when I think that I am communicating!

Yesterday, in making plans with someone, I got present to how much more clear I want to be when communicating.  I am not even talking about big life changing conversations.  I am talking about making arrangements about what time I wanted to leave to get to a show.

When saying that Mary Chapin Carpenter, who I used to tour with, is playing in Anaheim and that I want to see her, I make up that it is completely obvious that I want to go see her in the daytime to say hello to her, the band and crew to catch up.  Obviously, right?  They were my touring family for 2 years and I have not seen them in 5 years.  Apparently, others take that to mean that I want to go see her perform in the evening when she goes on stage and they ask me if I have tickets.  Me----"Tickets? what are those?  This is my family I am going to see!"

The moral of this story is that others do not live inside of my head... They have not had the same experiences that I have had.  Their minds don't work the same way as mine.  I am reminding myself to be extra super clear and to not just assume things.  We all have different things going on, we all lead different variations of life, we are all rad in our own thinking patterns, they just don't all look the same!  And wouldn't it be boring if they did!


  1. Hello!! I am working so hard these days, and I´m not managing my time as I was supposed to, to stop and read stuff I love! But I´m accepting that... I´m not blaming myself for anything, anymore!!
    But let me go back to the point! I just want to thank you, because everytime I come here I just feel so good. You put in words the way I chose to live in, saying things that I feel and believe. And better, saying things I never thought, and are incredible! Thank you! :) I´m also in love with life! And that´s amazing!

  2. I wasn't sure how to contact you but I heard that you have the Mandy hoops and I can't find a website for her anymore and I am not sure how to collapse my travel hoop? Would you happen to know? Thank you and hope you are enjoying NYC!