Monday, August 23, 2010

a smooth transition

My move to NY from LA has been incredibly easy.  Easy because it was or easy because I made it easy, by not stressing and knowing that it would all work out perfectly. 

After a full week + of craigslist dedication I found the perfect affordable sublet in a great location and the owners are amazingly matched to me.   The owners are actors and follow Amma, the hugging, in fact that is where they are right now, at Amma's ashram in India (Kerala, where I was in January). and they have an alter to her and photos of her all over.  Their studio is minimal, just like I like and full of the things I love.  The wife left me a cute list of things around, a Yoga Journal magazine, and a mini toiletry set-up.
This is what the owners have on their fridge.

 I was able to end my beach lease on the exact day that my NYC sublet started. So, no wasted rent money.

I hooked up with a girl who is moving to DC from LA at the same time and let me put all of my belongings on her truck for a teeny tiny price. (I just gotta go to DC to get it..but that will be an adventure!)

A touring friend who lives 2 miles away from my beach home gave me full access to his huge mofo of a Suburban to move my belongings from my beach casa to downtown LA, where I met the moving truck.

A friend who I know from LA (she went to college at Columbia in Chicago, too but I never knew here there), who now lives in NY (whom I last saw last year on tour in Hong Kong, while she lived there) happens to live 3 blocks away from my sublet.  She went and checked it for me and fell in love with the owners.

Same friend was in LA visiting last week, and flew to NYC on my same Virgin Airlines (best airline) flight, she had ordered a car and as soon as we landed in the city at 11pm on a Tuesday, she gave me a tour of the neighborhood and we sat down for a nice dinner at midnight.

My first day in NYC, I opened a PO Box, got juice at Liquiteria (which I have been hearing about and happened to be on the same block as my PO Box), went to a heated vinyasa flow class (my fave), bought the most amazingly fresh produce at the abundant Union Square Farmers Market, stumbled an asian market with cheap fresh sushi and 50 packs of nori for $6 (I love nori).  I bought good, cheap wine at the Trader Joe's wine shop and  walked back to my new home to make myself a super fresh salad with my market goodies.  Then a friend that moved here a year ago called me to say she was in my new neighborhood so she came over and we got to catch up over lots of wine!

I went to a birthday party in Brooklyn Friday for a rad new friend I just met a month ago when she was visiting LA.  Saturday, met up with a photographer friend that I met on tour last year for dinner at Counter (soooo good) and then we headed over to City Winery (I will go back to see anyone!) to catch Charlie Mars  (um....hilarious and soooo talented). 

The rest of my week has been full of my favorite things all at my finger tips.  This city for me IS the People's City.  I thought LA was full of possibilities, well NYC is possibility overflow!!!  I am so grateful!!!! 


  1. Beautiful beautiful beautiful!!!!!!!!

  2. mosielski@yahoo.comAugust 27, 2010 at 4:45 AM

    Tricia -I am so inspired by your first few days in NYC. Just like you I have had a calling to live in NYC my whole life but as life unfolds in mysterious ways, I have spent the past 9 years living on a little island in Canada completing university and veteriary school. Alas, things have been changing quite quickly for me in the past 6 mts and with the help of enlightened friends and an inspiring online community (including your blog) I have found my passion in veterinary acupuncture and chinese herbal medicine. I think I share the same skin tingling excitement you expressed at the thought of starting a company that is about offering myself and my passion and moving to this abundent city to follow my intuition. Keep the adventures coming - all roads lead to something good!

  3. mosielski@yahoo.comAugust 27, 2010 at 6:24 AM

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