Wednesday, September 8, 2010

a listener of the univers-back to tour I go

It is currently 7:49am on Wednesday, September 8th.  Wow, wait, September???  The ninth month of the year?? Wow!  What a year I have had so far, definitely not like any other year, but can years really be compared?  Can days really compared?  So, much life happens in one day!

Anyways, I got side-tracked from typing the date....I got a phone call at around 8pm on Monday evening from my dear friend and some-time boss, Jason Mraz.  His month long, break from the studio tour starts Saturday in Bangor Maine, with the band and crew already at rehearsals when he called me.  He had just come to the conclusion that he wanted my services of Joy back in his life for the tour.  It was a last minute decision because it was,  I don't need to know the whys or why nots as to why I was now being called.

I spent all of last week apartment hunting. I stalked Craig and his list.  I dialed brokers and managers numbers without end.  I saw about eight apartments?  I don't even know!  I did find neighborhoods that I liked, within my price range and I actually found apartments that I liked, but something was keeping me from taking a place.  I had a strong feeling, which I told several people about, that something was going to happen this week.  I didn't know what.  I thought it was merely that I would discover the perfect place to move. Apparently, it was that I will be not needing a home for the next month.
Apartment hunting in the city is a game for sure.  I like to see life as a game, but really this qualifies on many levels.  Places pop-up and disappear throughout each day.  If I like a place and don't grab it on initial viewing, it will not still be there tomorrow.  But, if I do want it, I can move in tomorrow!  I like this because I create that there will always be a perfect place opening up for me.  I make my moves from my heart and intuition, so if I am not feeling it, no worries, so many more will open up tomorrow, too!

The part of the game that is not my favorite is the legalities.  They are serious here!  It is not just hear is your money, let me sign the papers.  A credit report is just the start of the process.  They want hard proof that their rent will be paid!  You must show proof of steady income that is acceptable to them.  This includes W-2's, taxes from the previous year and 2-4 of your most current paystubs.  If you don't have a regular job, it is not the most fun.  No matter who you are and what you do, you must prove that you make 40x the rent and i they don't accept your steadiness  or unsteadiness of income then you must have a guaranteer that makes 80x the income.  Not just someone, like my mom, to sign a paper saying that they will be responsible for paying the rent if I can not, they must actually prove that they have the income to do it.  They must hand over current paystubs and tax document as well.  So, perfect timing for me!  I get to go back out on tour for a month and come back with 4 recent paystubs!

So, yes!  That works!  And all of belongings are already here in storage, perfect.  After planning yesterday what I was going to take and what I was going to leave as my Joy and Vibe kit I am now awaiting my flight info, for a flight today.  I did not pick my method of travel and preferred flight time until 2am last night.  I was waiting to talk to my boss man, who was on a flight himself all day.  So, I have the plan and the pack, now I finish cleaning up my little East Village sublet, make one more trip to my storage unit to drop off some unneeded items and then off I go to join the circus that I love once again.

Life works out, perfectly.  I am open.  I trust.  I love.  Back to the road I go!  See you out there!

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