Wednesday, September 1, 2010

a student of my juicer

My juicer just taught me a valuable lesson.

Just because I can fit it all in doesn't mean I have to.

Today I am starting my 7 day juice feast along with thousands of others on Terces Engelhart's juice club, she juices for the first 7 days of every month.   This is the first time this year that I am fully committing to it and I am excited for it!  My body is ready to take a break from the indulgences that living in NYC allows.  For me that is mainly ordering Indian and Thai food to be delivered into late hours of the night, and of course the alcoholic beverages with friends or along with my late night ordered in food...

Anyways, I just fired up my juicer for my first juice of the day, I was rolling along and picked a big handful of kale that fit perfectly into my juicers opening (don't know the technical term for that).  I thought, nicely done, this will get it done quicker.  But, it wouldn't go through.  The kale, did indeed all fit into the hole, but the juicer was unwilling to take it all at once.

This is when I received my life lesson.  Just because I can fit all of the kale in does not mean that I have to, that I need to, that it will work best.  In life, sometimes I start to say YES to everything.  Yes, I can do that and be there and get that done.  I have no doubt that I can do all of it, but that does not mean that I have to do it all, right now!

So, my juicer reminded me today to slow down.  That it is okay to take things slow, it may very well be more effective that way and with more thought, not just shoving it all in so that I can move on the next.

Before said juicing experience today it wasn't that I was feeling like I was doing too much or pushing through things, but maybe I have been?  It doesn't matter.  What does matter is that I got this reminder and is going to stay with me.

Just because I can fit it all in, just because I can do it all, does not mean that I need to fit all in and do it all, right now!  Take time with what I am doing whatever that is. 

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  1. I can so relate to this! I actually broke my beautiful slow juicer because I was trying to rush it and push too much in at once.

    I have managed to tape it up so I can still use it, but I need to take much more care.

    Now whenever I juice, I pull up a chair and sit so I am present to what I am doing. I pay close attention to what I am doing as I slowly, patiently and lovingly feed the veggies in to my juicer. Since doing this, my juicer has been working perfectly and I have been learning the wonderful art of patience and presence!!!

    It seems there are life lessons to be learnt everywhere!

    Connie x