Friday, September 10, 2010

with the people

I don't know how many times I have said this, but don't expect it to stop anytime soon...I love people!  Of all varieties, living all sorts of lives.  New York City gives me a big dose of this, people at all times, everywhere, from all walks of life, but no matter where I am, I am constantly delighted by the vastness of who we are and what we carry with us.

This week, my life took a quick 180 as I got called back to the road.  In my preps to leave the city for a month, packing for tour, moving between my sublet and my storage unit, I was so present to the people of service all around me that support me and just of how much I love exchange smiles with the unknown.

I had a lot that I wanted to accomplish in the 40 hours between when I got the call to when I was leaving for the airport.  I juggled lists of what to take and what to take care of in the city before my departure, while also being on standby waiting for details of what was needed from me on the road.    I acknowledge myself openly for while having a bajillion ideas, lists, and more flying through my head I am still present with each person I make contact with.  It is as if I am checking in with them and their souls, you know we may have known each other in a previous life?  This could be a friend's relative or co-worker or acquaintance?  We are all connected, so why not be open and loving with each person I pass?  We are all here.  That is a good enough reason for me to want to exchange a smile, some real eye contact, a hello, genuine generosity to everyone and anyone.

On Tuesday, I got all ready to take the belongings that I had at my sublet that I would not be taking on tour over to my storage unit.  I carried a heavy suitcase and 3 overflowing bags of stuff down 4 flights of stairs and down to the street to hail a cab.  This would be my first time returning to my unit since I moved it in.  It is only 1.5 miles away, which is an easy walk for me, but not with all this loot I am bringing over today.  I got a cab, no problem, paid the $10 fair, and maneuvered my stuff into the office to check in and get the key from them.  They use a double lock system for extra protection.  One lock is theirs and they keep the key, the other lock is mine and I keep the key.

I got the key, they called on the radio for the freight elevator to meet me, and I pushed my stuff along over to the big elevator.  I told the elevator operator not to wait for me, as I was going to be a while.  I had arrived!  I pull out my personal keys and OH NO!  Where is my key?!!?!?!  Did it fall off?  Or did I never actually put it on my key ring?  Is it still in the LeSportSac bag that I had been using as my everyday bag until my lovely friend gifted my a rad recycled leather bag?  The very same bag that I originally had in this pile to put in storage, but at the last minute pulled it out to bring on tour....Yiyiyi!  I was laughing my ass off!

So, back down I go.  I call the elevator and he is befuddled, saying he could of just waited for me if I was going to be that quick.  I tell him my situation as I am laughing and ask him if there is anyway to get into the unit without the key.  $75  to cut off the lock, that is $75 more than I want to spend.  I cart myself and my stuff back to the counter to return the key, back to the street to hail a cab, and another $10 cab ride back home.  I almost decided to just forget about storage today and just do it all tomorrow am before my flight, but I quickly dismissed that idea.  I pulled my bags into the apartment building and left them on the landing as I ran up the the 4 flights to find the missing key.  Tada, it was exactly where I imagined it to be.

Another $10 cab ride, another check-in and elevator ride and hello storage unit!  Along the way, I did not let this mishap get me down.  Instead, I used it as conversation with the elevator operator, the desk clerk, and the cabbies.  We exchanged smiles, funny stories, and lots of laughs.  With the people that I did not speak to, but passed, I made eye contact and offered smiles.  I am living my own story right now and they are living theirs.  It doesn't matter what is going on my mind or my life.  They are all moments that are shared.  They may seem personal, but everything that happens to me, in my life, I am exuding inside and out.  I don't know what is happening in that man in the business suit's life or the woman walking her puppy's life or the cabbie's life.  I just know that we are all here.  We are all connected and for that I am grateful and I choose to show up as love expressing through Tricia (with gratitude sprinkled on top and of course laughter, too).

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