Saturday, August 28, 2010


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I am so grateful for you support!  Thank you for inspiring me to share more!

Monday, August 23, 2010

a life adventurer

Mmm, mmm, mmm.  The taste is sweet. 

L. I. F. E.

It really is amazing.  I forget that some people don't see it that way.  I am not in a bubble.  I am not floating above everyone else.  I am a people's person.  I am completely in touch with the world around me.  I know that stuff doesn't "work out", I know that dreams are dashed, I know that their are disappointments in life, I know that there is work involved in this life.  But, what I also know is that my time on this earth is limited.  So, I choose to not let anything get me down.  Something didn't turn out how I wanted it it?  Oh well.  I will take the way it did and turn into something amazing.  I will learn.  I will create.  I will adventure on.

I forget how many fears people have that end up controlling them.  I want you to step into them!  What is scarier, creating a fear and having that fear limit you in life or just moving into your fear?  When you have a fear it is not something forgotten, it comes up for you, "oh, I can't do that because I am afraid of...."  But if you just step into and do it, then it is over.   Keeping fears alive, is keeping fears alive, just get it out, let it go.  Be free!  Enjoy this life!

a listener to love expressing through concern.

Many people gave me warnings about such a big move and gave me their view on NYC life.  I listen and know that it is them expressing love.  They care about me, so they are sharing their experiences of NY and life with me.  I gently remind them that ...

A) I am not from Southern California - I grew up in the midwest and the lived in Chicago for years.
B) I can deal with weather.  I like weather.
C) I have missed living in a city since I left Chicago-cities make sense to me.
D) I have toured the world for the last 7 years and I am used to being in a new city or new country each day.  I am used to immersing myself immediately.
E) I am not scared.
F) I see everything in life as an adventure
G) There is no such thing as failing
H) I am up for it all

On the phone with a friend yesterday, who just found I moved, she said, "oh wow, you moved to NY? Is that a bad thing or a good thing?" in a questioning voice.

Bad thing??????  What is that?  I do not understand how it could be bad?  I don't really see anything as bad.  It is all life.  It is all a learning experience.  It all takes you to the next step.  It all shapes who we are. 

But, your answer, is IT IS FREAKING AMAZING THING!!!!

New York, New York I am in love with you and all that you have to offer.  Thank you for offering me your giant apple to take a bite of and savor!

a smooth transition

My move to NY from LA has been incredibly easy.  Easy because it was or easy because I made it easy, by not stressing and knowing that it would all work out perfectly. 

After a full week + of craigslist dedication I found the perfect affordable sublet in a great location and the owners are amazingly matched to me.   The owners are actors and follow Amma, the hugging, in fact that is where they are right now, at Amma's ashram in India (Kerala, where I was in January). and they have an alter to her and photos of her all over.  Their studio is minimal, just like I like and full of the things I love.  The wife left me a cute list of things around, a Yoga Journal magazine, and a mini toiletry set-up.
This is what the owners have on their fridge.

 I was able to end my beach lease on the exact day that my NYC sublet started. So, no wasted rent money.

I hooked up with a girl who is moving to DC from LA at the same time and let me put all of my belongings on her truck for a teeny tiny price. (I just gotta go to DC to get it..but that will be an adventure!)

A touring friend who lives 2 miles away from my beach home gave me full access to his huge mofo of a Suburban to move my belongings from my beach casa to downtown LA, where I met the moving truck.

A friend who I know from LA (she went to college at Columbia in Chicago, too but I never knew here there), who now lives in NY (whom I last saw last year on tour in Hong Kong, while she lived there) happens to live 3 blocks away from my sublet.  She went and checked it for me and fell in love with the owners.

Same friend was in LA visiting last week, and flew to NYC on my same Virgin Airlines (best airline) flight, she had ordered a car and as soon as we landed in the city at 11pm on a Tuesday, she gave me a tour of the neighborhood and we sat down for a nice dinner at midnight.

My first day in NYC, I opened a PO Box, got juice at Liquiteria (which I have been hearing about and happened to be on the same block as my PO Box), went to a heated vinyasa flow class (my fave), bought the most amazingly fresh produce at the abundant Union Square Farmers Market, stumbled an asian market with cheap fresh sushi and 50 packs of nori for $6 (I love nori).  I bought good, cheap wine at the Trader Joe's wine shop and  walked back to my new home to make myself a super fresh salad with my market goodies.  Then a friend that moved here a year ago called me to say she was in my new neighborhood so she came over and we got to catch up over lots of wine!

I went to a birthday party in Brooklyn Friday for a rad new friend I just met a month ago when she was visiting LA.  Saturday, met up with a photographer friend that I met on tour last year for dinner at Counter (soooo good) and then we headed over to City Winery (I will go back to see anyone!) to catch Charlie Mars  (um....hilarious and soooo talented). 

The rest of my week has been full of my favorite things all at my finger tips.  This city for me IS the People's City.  I thought LA was full of possibilities, well NYC is possibility overflow!!!  I am so grateful!!!! 

Sunday, August 22, 2010

my future

Wow.  Hi.  It is Sunday afternoon in New York City.  I am home in my East Village sublet, working on my soon to be launched website.  There are so many balances that I working to find within it.  I want to be sharing everything from yoga tips to recipes to something I just bumped into that inspires me, that makes me smile from head to toe.  I also want to be selling the services that I have created to lead people to truly loving who they are, and the lives that they are choosing to lead.  I want to move people to get out of their own way.

I am also working to find a balance so that it appeals to all.  I want to work with high-powered business executives, housewifes, runway shows, photo shoots, artists, yoga teachers, everyone!  Then there is the design and trying to not spend a ton of money on it, so working to most of it myself, which can be timely as I don't know the ins and outs of web building (but, I am learning!)

Anyways, in an effort to touch up my bio, my mission, and my service descriptions I thought to today about coming back to my blog here to re-read and re-live all that I have spoken here.  This page is where I big part of me was birthed and it is a portal into my brain as none of this page is thought out.  It is merely, my opening my laptop and letting my brain process through my keystrokes. 

So, I chose to start with the first entry that I ever wrote and wow.  It is amazing to me to read those words and to see how much I have transformed, how much I have let go of, how empowered in myself that I have become since then.  I love reflection.  Reflection through others (a bell always goes off in my head when I find myself annoyed with someone else---ding-ding-ding---reflection of yourself, Tricia!) and reflection through my life.  Yes, I live in the now, but remembering the past and that it has all gotten me hear is such sweet bliss.

Which reminds me.... When I flew from LA to NYC on Tuesday to move, to live here, my dream city, the security guard at an ID checkpoint took my ID and said, "you heart has lead you right here to this security checkpoint".  He had read the tattoo on my arm and was making a funny.  I giggled and then with complete seriousness, I said, "YES, Yes, it has!"

my first blog

Monday, August 9, 2010

ultra crystal clear.

Communication is key.

I am all about communication, but still I forget that other people don't think like I do and I don't think like other people do.  Even my best friends and family, we all think differently, we all react differently.  Mis-communications can happen so easily about the smallest things, even when I think that I am communicating!

Yesterday, in making plans with someone, I got present to how much more clear I want to be when communicating.  I am not even talking about big life changing conversations.  I am talking about making arrangements about what time I wanted to leave to get to a show.

When saying that Mary Chapin Carpenter, who I used to tour with, is playing in Anaheim and that I want to see her, I make up that it is completely obvious that I want to go see her in the daytime to say hello to her, the band and crew to catch up.  Obviously, right?  They were my touring family for 2 years and I have not seen them in 5 years.  Apparently, others take that to mean that I want to go see her perform in the evening when she goes on stage and they ask me if I have tickets.  Me----"Tickets? what are those?  This is my family I am going to see!"

The moral of this story is that others do not live inside of my head... They have not had the same experiences that I have had.  Their minds don't work the same way as mine.  I am reminding myself to be extra super clear and to not just assume things.  We all have different things going on, we all lead different variations of life, we are all rad in our own thinking patterns, they just don't all look the same!  And wouldn't it be boring if they did!

filled in.

Today, I randomly blurted out, "I feel like myself again."  I was not in a conversation about anything, really.  In fact a friend and I were randomly spouting out ideas of what each of us were going to eat when we got home. 

It is as if I was shattered and my pieces were glued back together.  To the outside, untrained eye, I appeared to be put together, but there were these little cracks that even I could not fully sense and now they have all healed themselves

I feel alive.  I feel in love.  I feel like I am myself again.  I don't know who I was, or where I have been, I just know that this feeling that I am feeling, this being that I am being, is me to the core.

What does any of that mean????  Who knows! But, I am ready to take over the world...haha, in my own way of joy, love and just pure fun!

Saturday, August 7, 2010

a web of self

I spin in my own web quite well.

Not having a "job" that I have to get out and to, such as an office, I find many being confused with how I occupy my time.

My brain spins and spits out ideas, possibilities, wants, edits, love, recognition, to do's, and on and on endlessly. I actually mark things in my calender for events happening, due dates, travel ideas, other peoples schedules in more and I check it constantly. My mind is swimming constantly and I am able to pause it and focus on what I am doing when I am doing it, but I make a conscious effort to hit pause. Then, when I let it play again a huge circle of creation envelopes me. I want to write this, share that, make those, oh, what's over there? I can be easily distracted and then

......woah....I just got transported away, seriously, and posted something on my website to the WHAT INSPIRES ME TODAY category and completely forgot that I was writing a blog, until I closed that window and this came back up....and then I saw the last words that I had written.  PRETTY FREAKING PERFECT....

I also, have no concept of time and have taken to setting alarms throughout the day, when I have plans to be somewhere or want to do things.  Otherwise the hours roll by and I have forgotten about things that I have scheduled or wanted to do that are outside of my internal web.

My web is a happy place.  It is not a place of stress or lacking. I am giggling and spinning in circles of joy in my web.  Yes, outside circumstances sometimes pop up to interupt my web, and I roll with them.  The web is made of a material that is buoyant.  It stretches, and takes on various forms without holding onto damaging dents.

In my web, I get to create ways to take time outs.   Even though, I spend days doing what I want and creating what I want, and making my own "schedule"  it is easy for me to forget to take a load off.  To not be attached to  To just sit and enjoy, to do my yoga practice and take a walk.  This week, I  have allotted for myself one hour of laying on the beach, book reading time.  I can take it at any time of day and it is truly a gift.

Thank you self, you are welcome self.  We got to take good care of our selves, and remember that our community is always here for us when we want support. 

Thursday, August 5, 2010

my answer

I love the things people say.  I love the things people ask.  I love that I must live in a completely different world, because I am often highly confused at simple questions, such as….

A-    because I want to

A-    um, I don't get it...LIVE?

A-    ?  I am going to be Joyologist…..remember???  I am creating myself as a business.

A-    no. I have no money saved.

I believe in myself and I am putting myself out there.  I am selling myself as ….myself!   I am so ready to share!  You better be ready!  My website is going to be share galore!  You are pretty much going to be living inside my brain.  Don't’ worry, it’s fun in there.

Just a reminder…. I do not think that I am better than you.   We are all so amazing!  Who I am, is because of every person that has ever been in my life, even if I have not met them.  My website, me, the services I am offering is all just me sharing.  Me wanting everyone to know what keeps me giggling non-stop and in love with the world around me.  I love sharing and I love listening and I love you.  Thank you all for allowing me to be me and for inviting me to share myself.

I am in love.  Life. 

my tooth brush.

So, I am soooo present!  Right?  I sooo love that about myself.  I can really listen to people and fully be in a conversation.  I can really be present with them.  But, how present am I when I am with myself?

I went to the dentist this week for an exam.  I don't have dental insurance so I like to take advantage of those little ads that come in my mailbox with new patient specials.  I haven't had a check-up or cleaning in about a year and a half.  Nothing is bothering me, but I had a ton of cavaties as a child (I must have eaten purely sugar and never brushed my teeth) and I tend to get receeding gum lines.  So, I just wanted to get myself looked at.

During my exam, my dentist pointed out to me that the upper right quadrant of my mouth had gum lines that were starting to get into the worry-zone but the rest of my mouth was fine.  It wasn't just a slight change in that quadrant it was quite drastic.  Like, I forget about that section when doing dental hygiene or something.

When I left the company I was working for in 2007 to go independent my mother bought me one of those fancy Sonicare toothbrushes, as she knew I was not likely to keep up with 6 month checkups when paying full price for them. The Sonicare brush beeps and pauses every 30 seconds to tell me to switch to the next quadrant of my mouth....apparently, I haven't been paying attention.  I know this is the truth. 

Have I ever just brushed my teeth while brushing my teeth?  Years ago, I incorporated squats into my tooth brushing routine.  That is one form of multi-tasking, but I also tend to wander around my space doing other things.  Even when standing in place, I tend to wander around mentally.   I often find myself re-starting the toothbrush because I have ignored the beeps and pauses completely and I can not remember what sections I have brushed.

So, when the dentist pointed out that quadrant, I was not too surprised.  What else do I not do while I am doing it?  Eatting!  How often do I actually pay attention to what I am putting in my mouth?  I pay attention when I am making it and taste-testing it and maybe for the first bite when I sit down to eat and then I am off in wander-world.  Wandering the interweb, wandering my I want to do list, wandering in conversation, you get me...

I know that being present takes work.  I know that by me writing this blog I have not cured myself, but I am planting reminders to myself.  I am making a conscious choice to be more present to my daily activities!  What a concept?!!?!?  To think about brushing my teeth, while brushing my teeth!!!!?!?!??!?!

Life is funny!!!!  I will be my toothbrush!