Saturday, July 31, 2010

the game of life

Wow.  Life has been happening!  Steady and fast and slow and...just happening!  I have had a lot to share, but just haven't sat myself down to do it.  I just popped on my own blog page here to grab a link to add to my website (which will be premiering in a week!) and stopped myself to just ramble.  I wasn't planning on writing, but it has been a while so I made up that it would be wrong for me to be here and not post anything.

I am doing it.  I am moving to NYC!  August 17th I take flight.  I don't know how I am get my belongings out there, to ship or not to ship that is the question.  I am creating my website and I am being me.  I am being the Joyologist, what I have created that to be.  I am selling myself as myself and who I want to be in this world.

I noticed yesterday as I was driving and reflecting on my week that I really, truly am confident as who I am declaring myself to be.  I am actively choosing who I am for myself and for others.  I am creating a life of service for myself.  A life where I am in service and I am cultivating my own soul at the same time.  I have found the balance in taking care of myself and being able to fully support others.  I am the Joyologist, in heart, in soul, in employment and I get to choose what that means or doesn't mean.  This is who I choose to be and I am fully supported by my choice.

This life really is a game.  I am playing this game full out.  I am putting it all out there, all hands on deck, all of my cards are on the table.  There is no failing in this game of life.  One path may lead to somewhere unexpected, but the game is not over.   This game is my game, this game is your game.  We are all winners in this game and we get to pick the prizes, too.


  1. Congratulations! Best of luck on your next endeavor!! You will definitely be missed in SoCal.

  2. Big Apple welcomes you :) Hope you'll love this city. I strongly recommend you to take time walking in Central Park. You may find your favorite place to read a book underneath some giant trees...
    I love my " hybrid couple trees " near east 72nd street. They are actually three trees standing together. Two of them are Magnolia trees, the other is Cherry. ok, I made a story of them...silly, but don't laugh. Two magnolia trees used to be a lover...a girl Magnolia tree left him because she found someone new, Mr Oak tree. A male Magnolia tree was sad...but he remembered how beautiful the Cherry blossom was last he wanted to see her beauty once again. This spring time, He first showed off his strong and masculine flowers as he tried to reach out his thick arms to her. Then he sent his sincere warm stares to the lovely Cherry tree. There...she started blush, blush....her buds slowly developed and blossomed like spring love flowers! Their love story has just got started...
    Speaking of this vid on Superforest! You'll love it. You must watch it!!!! Everyone must watch it!!!

    It's a lovely reunion. Love exists. Yes, definitely :)

    Much love,