Saturday, July 10, 2010

tapped in.

My emotions are here today. I am feeling in my entire body, in the most amazing of ways. I am so inspired, by so many around me. To do what? I don’t yet know. I have ideas, oh so many ideas, but it doesn't even matter. This energy that I am feeling is outrageous because I am tapped into it, I am open to it.

I cross paths with a lot of people that are closed off. People that don’t look me in the eye. People who’s mouths are constantly turned down. Does that effect me and my energy though? Not one single bit. I still strive for eye contact each time I pass them and give them my genuine smile no matter how many times I pass them. Do I expect them to stop and say hello, no. They are allowed to be in there own closed down world. But, I am here smiling, open to them.

I am not better than them. They are not better than me. We are in the same world on different paths in different realms. I am open to all no matter what stage they are at.


  1. Hi Tricia - I'm the lone heart on your visitor map in Africa. I just wanted to let you know that while I was in the US, you certainly inspired me, but since February I have been living in Rwanda and experiencing daily challenges of being love. I was pretty sure I wanted to quit and go back to the US - and I knew I was free to choose that path and it would be okay, but for some reason, I thought about your blog when I woke up yesterday morning and it reaffirmed my commitment to being here. I decided to be open to how incredible it is to be here - and I want to continue basking in my awesome life as I've manifested it presently. I am tapped into the energy of being love for my new community. Thank you for providing words that served as an opportunity to be love in Rwanda.

  2. Wow, Jenny! That is amazing and you are inspiring! Keep on, keeping on! Be Love.