Friday, July 16, 2010

my fairytale

I have been having a love affair with my laptop, or more so the internet.  I am search, search, searching away for a NYC sublet.  I am creating my website (which will be launching soon at  I am looking into flights, ways to move, subletting my place, blah, blah, blah. 

It all works out.  It always does.  Life surprises me always and so often that I have learned to call out what I want, to work for it, but not worry about it.  I have several ideas floating around as to how to make my move.  I look into them all, and the right one is then presented to me at the optimal time.

I am creating my fairytale life.  The life that I have always dreamt of without knowing exactly what it was.  I am creating a website that is me.  It is who I am, it is me being of service, it is me assisting people to live a life that they love and to love who they are in all of the ways that I live my own life. I am moving to a city that I have always said that I want to live in.  I am going to live in my dream and it is going to fully support me. 

It may be a slow start or may take off right away, whatever happens,  it will be in the plan that I get to peek at, but don’t get full access to.  Someone above, somewhere beyond holds the blueprint for my life and my heart guides me to it.  Whatever happens is a stepping stone, a learning experience, it is all part of the game of life.

What is your dream?  There is no time like now to go for it.  Make it possible, because it is.


  1. congrats on the up and coming website! cant wait to see what you have in store for everyone!!! thank you for being a constant inspiration to me :)

  2. fantastic! thanks, tricia. i feel the same way and it's inspriring, comforting and joyous to read how someone else feels. good luck with your move. i've been there so many times and you are SO right - it just all works out. east coast, baby!

  3. Lovely :) I love the feeling of flow with my life decisions. Sometimes I fall out of it but when I get back on track it feels amazing.

    My dream right now is to live on the road for a while with my partner and our dog. Some serious decisions need to be made and I've been frustrated, upset, and angry at the obstacles life has thrown my way.

    Thank you for this inspiring reminder that everything will be okay :)

  4. Thanks for inspiring us Tricia! I haven't commented lately but i am reading constantly and feeling empowered by your posts. :)