Sunday, December 6, 2009

a creator of fiction

I make up stuff and then I laugh at it. This week with my new twitter account, I would read my friend's posts and then be wondering why they hadn't told me about what they posted. I would get jealous that I did not hear this first hand or I would make up who they were with and how they were acting by reading about it. I don't know why I was doing that, I certainly didn't want to be making that stuff up. The funny thing is that they were telling me first hand, they were using this tool that we signed up for to use to share with each other. I created that I was separate from these loved ones, when I am the one that separated myself from them physically, by going to spend time with other loved ones to be inspired by new places and people. It is all so silly, so I laugh.

Remember that nothing has to change in the world for us to transform our own life experience.
Laura van Dernoot Lipsky


  1. It would make sense that you're feeling more removed from the personal aspects of twitter than most, because you started using twitter to speak to 400,000 strangers (friends, yet strangers, as it were) and still share your twitter entries with 1000 people, many of whom you don't know. For most, twitter entries are shared between twenty or thirty friends and feel very personal.. But that's not your twitter experience, so far. It makes sense to me. But it's good that you've recognized this experience and sought to redefine your twitterverse in a more intimate light.

  2. You capture so well how we all see the world from what ever perspective we might be feeling at any given moment and not necessarily as it is. If we don't live consciously enough to recognize it in ourselves,step back and be in it and appreciate all the universe gives us we can so easily miss its true intent!

  3. OMG..I feel this way all the time. I have been away from home for 8 yrs. First, college,and currently I work on a cruise ship and I am in the airport now where I jus came from the Bahamas. I always feel separated, but it's the life I chose and I meet new and great people all the time. I have to shake my head and tell myself to calm down. I am experienceing life without them so why shouldn't they do the same. xo