Wednesday, December 2, 2009

a superhero

Long travel days make me feel like a superhero. I cross climates, time zones, and languages. I surpass regular sleep and diet habits and come out in another continent ready to live the day full out. Today, I land in San Diego at 1pm PST. I left my hotel in Belo Horizante, Brazil at 9pm last night BRT. Took a flight departing at 11:50PM BRT to land in Miami at 5am EST collected luggage at customs and boarded another flight at 8:20AM EST to land at LAX at 10:40AM PST. Now I await my flight leaving Los Angeles at 12:25PM to jump over to the little commuter terminal in San Diego at 1:15PM PST. When I land at my final destination of San Diego it will be 7:30PM in Brasil, where I started. Almost, making it a 24 hour, full traveling day!

I am ready and raring to take this day on! I am shocked to find it is December. I have to keep looking at my calender to see what day of the week it is. I am trying to do time zone math in my head in the opposite direction that I have been to see if my Mother will be home from work if I call now.

Someone might read this and think that sucks! She must be so out of it! But no, I feel like a superhero! What do you have for me, I can leap over entire continents without ever knowing where I am. I can time travel in real time and spread my love inspiring self to people of all cultures, languages, shapes, sizes, and careers in a single day. And to me it doesn't even feel like one day, because I am a time traveling superhero!


  1. I'm checking the calendar twice a day to remind me it's December. I need to buy Christmas cards now!

    You're not crazy hehehe!

    p.s: I love that you right Brasil with S :D It makes me feel special!

  2. Superbly Shared. The World is better because of your daring whereabouts and all-abouts! - J

  3. Wow, lucky you.... an adventure to experience...have fun.... stay safe.....(sorry that's the mother in me):-)

  4. getting on a plane always makes me feel like i've stayed in the same place (after all, i've just sat in a series of chairs all day) and that all of my surroundings have somehow changed.

    have fun being a superhero. :]

  5. I'm completely jealous of your travels and your superhero power!! But don't worry, its jealous in a good way because you seem to do it with so much love and sensitivity! keep up the upbeat attitude!

  6. You are cool. :)
    I enjoy the blog! Maybe give mine a view if you have the chance?

  7. you are inspiring!
    travelling like that must've be very tiresome but you're enjoying it.

    spread more love!


  8. Remember to help out the poor mortals! :)

  9. I had the most amazing opportunity to have this traveling superhero in my house, which in some ways isn't my home, just a place for traveling superheroes from all over the world to stop when their wings get tired. I know that the house now has a new energy because the traveling superhero has stopped to rest and recharge and left an incredible light that wants not for electricity or solar is a self sufficient light it needs no other power to keep it

  10. If you were love inspiring, your posts would be about other people, not you.

    Not once in your travel posts have you mentioned being inspired by someone else: to be inspiring is to be inspired, not simply to proclaim one's own alleged inspirational abilities.

    I am posting this anonymously with just cause. Perhaps it would be beneficial for you to think of all the people who could have inspired you in your travels, if you were not so occupied with yourself.