Sunday, November 22, 2009

Here....Wherever that is.

Tour Life.

Everyday is the same. Everyday is different. New city. New rooms. New people. Same people. Same stuff. Sometimes there is a different language everyday. A new currency everyday. I wait for the magic piece of paper to be pushed under my door to tell me what the next day will hold. It tells me what time to be in the lobby, where I am going, what time the events of the day will take place, it even gives me a little hint to what the following day will hold. I often do not know what city, time zone or day I am in. Where were we yesterday? I used to blame this on exhaustion, but now I take pride that I am being present. I am in this moment, right here, I just may not know where that is.

We show up and set up our goods with the help of the local teams for the day. Somedays it is easier than others to get the items we ask for. Somedays the rooms are nicer than others. Some days we have port-o-potties for toilets and no running water. Each day we take what we have and work with it. We enlist each other in the phrase, "It is what it is". Griping about it sure will not improve the conditions of the day, so we joke and make Magyver cour way through it. I resort to laughter. It always works. The show always happens. The audience is always overcome with satisfaction.

It's just another day at work.

Here are some photos from my past life as a monitor engineer and new life as joyologist all taken somewhere.

Random Dressing rooms

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  1. I love that I am somewhere in your picture of the concert at Red Rocks. I know exactly where in that picture but that's not important. Just having been there and having added to the energy of the night is what matters!
    -Liz Salan