Monday, November 23, 2009


Today we had the opportunity to take a spin around the Interlagos Race F1 Circuit, where Brazil's Grand Prix takes place. Before we got in the race cars, the president of the Circuit took us around the track in his own regular old 4-door car so that we could get a feel for the track and see it in slow motion. We started off at a noble speed, just as if we were cruising around any suburban neighborhood. Then, suddenly the president sped up to show off his driving skills. I was in the back seat, between two of my touring brothers, without a seatbelt. As he sped around the turns in his family car, flashes of fear crept in.

Oh shit! What if this flips over? What if I go through the windshield? What if? What if?
I caught myself, and realized that everyday I choose to live in trust. No matter where I am at any moment there is a risk of danger. Driving myself at home. Being a passenger on an airplane. Walking down a street in an everyday neighborhood. Even lying in bed in my hotel room. Natural disasters often come with warnings, but not always. Danger exists, but I choose to not live in fear.

Everyday we trust each other on the road. No matter how good of a driver I am, there is still everyone else on the road to consider. There are faulty mechanics in our vehicles and in our traffic systems. There are animals and foreign objects that appear. No matter how safe or wealthy of a neighborhood I am in, there are still people out there who will find a way to criminalize them. No matter if it is a perfect sunny day or the middle of the night under a full moon, danger exists.

When I got in my race car, with my professional driver, he said to me, "I go slow for you." I replied, "Hell no! Go fast! I want the full experience!" As we sped through the curvy track I felt alive, I felt safe, I felt at peace.

Thank you universe.


  1. I agree with you in this. I have friends that every day live in fear. They don´t manage to live life to the fullest. I wont say I manage to live life to the fullest, but I try.
    Right now i wanna learn yoga! I´m gonna try! Its my birthday, i´m sick. But as quickly i get healthy again i will start with yoga!
    Have a great day!

  2. you look so happy.

    and you are right. if you dont live everyday giving trust, you are not fully living. you will be forever left feeling fear and anxiety over things that are petty. but if you are open to trusting you can fully experience every moment. i hope you are well. have a beauty full day mama. take care!

  3. "everyday I choose to live in trust." I love this beautiful! This is IT. Every moment we are choosing TRUST or fear, TRUST or insecurity.

    I choose to live from trust!

    love & blessings

  4. Happy Thanksgiving, Tricia. I am grateful today for your influence and your optimism. You've done much for me without even knowing me.

  5. My goodness. I really needed this. You are awesome! thanks so much for sharing your brain