Saturday, November 28, 2009

Spirit, Nature, Myself

A few days ago we arrived back to Rio to a hotel next to the beach. I had planned on jumping in the waters on our return but we arrived to the hotel much later than expected and the surf was enormous and dangerous looking. There were even red flags posted along the sand. I had really been craving the water so I decided to go for a walk along the tide instead of heading to the gym. It was 6:30pm when I headed outside and clouds were covering any visiblility of the sun. It was still in the upper 70s to low 80s though. I took only my ipod and room key with me and opted for flip flops instead of running shoes so that I could feel the sand and water. As I walked along the huge surf I felt like I was the only person on earth. I felt completely at peace and safe with these huge waves crashing in and with the tide reaching further and further onto the beach. I wasn't alone on the beach, there were others running in the sand but they were far from the water. There were also people milling about the sidewalk and a full traffic lined street above that. I was not alone at all, but it was really hard for me to believe that. As I reached the farthest point of the beach a storm started to set in and I giggled and skipped through the water like a little girl. I got caught by the tide several times, even as I tried my hardest to outrun it. My pants were wet up to mid-thigh and the rain was covering the rest of me. I began to sing outloud along with what was coming through my headphones, not in a shy soft voice, but a loud and proud voice as if I was alone in a car on a roadtrip. It was the most magical, moving, enlivening piece of time. I felt connected to spirit, to nature, to myself. I was spirit, I was nature, I was myself. I am spirit, I am nature, I am myself.


  1. bliss! that's one of the things I love about the Ocean. it has the ability to INSTANTLY bring me into that. and now the woods I find do the same thing.

    here's to being unreserved in the moment and fully embracing the love that is this life!

    thank you for you!

  2. bliss! that's one of the things I love about the Ocean. <-------- DITTO ON THIS!

    I love the ocean.. I miss the ocean

  3. Always magical time spent on the beach. My daughter and I love to collect shells, skip stones, dance with butterflies, squish sand in our toes....sigh...

  4. The ocean offers me the same renewal of joy and peace. I live in Southern California and rarely go to the ocean as often as I want, which is absolutely ridiculous. I KNOW it quickly refills my "bucket" of love and peace, yet allow things like traffic and busy schedules to stop me from going. I will be changing that. Thank you for the reminder.

  5. The little gal in you was pumped ! It's always majesty when you see a little lola or lou at the edge of the water- running up to the waves tapping one toe in and then running away- and then running back again at the edge of mystery. my grandparents taught me to body surf. my grandpa played the banjo and my grandma told me fortunes with playing cards during the summer. most times I believe that the sea is what has inspired life as a dancer- the muse.ic.....but yes. best when the great Uni.verse and her natur-ific splendor is your audience.....or rather is dancing on the stage of life with you. thank you for reminding me. follow the moment~SUzie

  6. it is indeed an incredible conecting with nature.....the ocean has this power.....

    First time I read your blog...for sure i will keep reading....

    Greatings from Brasil! Hope you had a nice time here!

  7. What a ride, huh?! Try the ferris wheel next. The rollercoaster will still be there after you've caught your breath.



  8. I am happy to hear that this is a common feeling to other people too... The ocean is surely a special element, so powerfull and yet generous, maybe that's the reason since I started to work on board a ship I couldn't stop it anymore, everyday I have the same magnificient view from my window but I can't get used to it... I always look at it in Awe!!
    God bless you with many other moments like that in your life!
    And please be welcome to come back to Brasil whenever you miss it here. I believe you've left several new friends around here!

  9. I crave that. :)

    I need a vacation -_-"