Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Touring for a living is quite a world. I travel, live, work, eat, sleep and pretty much do everything that you can think of with the same people day in and day out for months. They may not all be people that I would hand pick to spend my life with, but they turn into my family. There is not one tiny bit of myself that I can hide from these people, so in turn, there is nothing that I can hide from myself. They see me at my ultimate highs and at my lowest of the lows. They see me scramble from my bunk with hair sticking out in all directions and eyes unable to open. They see me when I get all dolled up for an evening off out on the town, donning makeup, dress, and heels. They see me in moments of complete embarrassment and in moments of sheer pride. They are around when I don't really want to be around them or anyone. All parts of me are wide open to be seen.

It is a different way of life and I get to learn so much about these beings and about ways of living that I would otherwise never know and sometimes don't necessarily want to know. They expose me to foods, music, movies, comedy, everything I can imagine and a lot things that I can not or do not even want to try to imagine. There is no bullshit. There is no room for thin skin. I see who I am through them. They inspire me, humor me, comfort me, and keep my ego in check in more ways than I can describe. They call me into being.

I was inspired to write this blog yesterday, as I sat on an airplane from Rio de Janeiro to Buenos Aires and happened to look around at my fellow travel mates. I looked from one guy to the next in their various states. A few were passed out with mouths ajar. Some of them were reading or jamming out to their headphones, and then there were one or two visibly annoyed with who knows what. I took my time looking around at all of them and I realized that I was completely overcome with love for each of them and in turn for myself.

I am, who I am, l because of each and every person that I have ever shared a tour with and for that I am immensely grateful!


  1. Tricia,
    I would like to let you know that, in reading your blogs, I get a sense of love that fills my being. I believe it's due to the love that you put into your writing. Thank you for that, and for allowing this love to enter me. I will be sure to let it dwell inside me for a while. I'll add some of my own love-energy to it, and then release it into the things that I do so that others can feel and benefit from that energy as well.
    In Joy,

  2. Glad you are present, taking it all in.

    Allowing those around me to see me, warts and all, is not very familiar to me. As a matter of fact, most of my life I have isolated myself until "the warts" have gone into remission.

    It must be liberating to love your warts. Why is it that they seem horrendous when we see them on ourselves and don't seem like warts at all on others?

    Maybe it's time to adopt "the other" perspective.


  3. You know what I love? Your ability and commitment to be grateful for everything in your view. In those moments we notice and APPRECIATE the beauty and divinity of all those in our view, we are fully conscious of our own magnificence.

    You are magnificent!!! Thank you for BEING YOU!

    love in light,