Thursday, January 21, 2010

on the mend

Current time, 4am. That is an improvement for me. I fell asleep at 10:30 ish and slept through my normal 1am wake-up call. Yesterday, was my worst day so far. My stomach was killing me and I am sure my body was just plain exhausted. My mouth was so dry that my tongue kept getting stuck to the roof of my mouth. I was trying to stay hydrated, but i guess I was failing on that account. I did make it to Whole foods, but once again my purchases were highly unusual for me. Gluten-free spaghetti and vegan cheez to make a grilled cheez. The veggies looked oh so delicious, but I could not imagine eating them with my current toilet to non-toilet ratio. I did get myself some Kombucha and a butternut squash, which I hope to eat today. I also, finally gave in to getting an antibiotic. I had plans of getting Black Walnut Hull, Wormood, and other natural eliminators, but I am not sure what happened there, because I left with only fresh ginger. I guess, I figured that since my body is already so out of whack and not really getting much nutrients that the antibiotics couldn't do too much harm. I have used a combo of natural herbs in the past to get rid of parasites, but I have never had whatever I am having right now and frankly I want it dead. I have given it enough time to work it's way out, 12 days is enough!

So when I got home, I first popped some raw garlic cloves into my mouth, which is my usual surefire virus killer. Then, after still more time deliberating on taking the prescription after I had it filled, I finally gave in. I find it quite amusing that one of the side effects of taking a medicine for traveler's diarrhea, is diarrhea. Oh, the medical world! The next few hours were miserable. I could barely talk. My mom called and told me she was bringing me home and IV and I said, "Yes, Please!" I have never done that before, but I knew my body was not hydrated by anything anymore. She also insisted on buying me Smartwater to get me more electrolytes. I got one IV down, and going to do another one in the morning. I hope to work some veggies back in my life tomorrow too and some yoga!

The good news is that I got approved for my little Hermosa Beach studio! I am sending in the deposit tommorrow, sight unseen. Well, sight unseen in person, but I have been on the building's website endlessly. It is in a brand new building, right on the water. New appliances and everything, so not too much to check out. Hard wood floors, walk-in closet, and my own private balcony! I got my bicycle enthusiast friends looking into bikes for me and I am already searching out work! I know it will all fall into place in the perfect way.

I am so grateful to be home in the US and home at my mom's. She hasn't had the chance to really take care of me in a long, long while, so I am sure she is enjoying it! I am definitely grateful for my heath, I haven't really been sick of any type in a long while and even though now I am pretty bad off, I am still fully functional so I have to remind myself to rest. My body and I have been through a lot together, years of doctors and mis-diagnosis and not knowing what was wrong. So, I got really used to just putting on a happy face and sucking it up. So much that a lot of times now, I forget to listen to my body's warning signs to slow down. I refuse to admit I am sick. So, I am grateful to now have the time and the compassion for myself to be able to stay in bed all day and not push my recovery too much. I will let this thing run its course and I will be grateful for it, for reminding how strong my body and mind really are.


  1. It's pretty intense that you came home to your mama's to have a really nasty parasite that required both antibiotics and IVs and whatnot. Think about the perfection of that. If you're really sick, where else would you want to be, but with your mama taking care of you?

  2. I agree with the above comment.^ And like you whenever I am very sick or generally just pitying myself, I always exclaim "I want my mommy!" Your travels have been fast paced and very awakening and it is good to let yourself time to rest. What have the years of doctors visits/mis-diagnostics about?

    All the Best!

  3. I firmly believe that if you work hard you should rest hard as well. You need the balance. Your mind, your body, your soul they all need both. So allow your Self to rest you are worth it.

  4. Tricia.. hope you get better really soon! Being sick is just like this, and resting is the best medicine.. The body can only recover when it has enough energy to do it, so EAT your veggies, my mom used to say that!! haha

    I'm grateful that you have you mom around.. so now you can say at LOUD "I want my MOMMY".

    All my good vibes to you,
    Ana Diegues.


    Sometimes laughter is the best medicine! :) Good luck with everything...including the bike.

  6. Get well soon! =)

    I want more healthy Tricia here! n_n

    Love you, girl! Go on!