Friday, January 29, 2010


I feel alive again! Inside and out. I don't know if it is just that my physical health is back that is effecting me or what. I feel like a can take anything on. I know that life is perfect now and that what is coming is perfect and all that has happened is perfect. I have had a lot of time in the last 10 days that I have been back in the states. I was sick that entire time, so not fully functional, but I logged a lot of awake hours. Even though my body was not 100%, my mind was work, work, working away. I found a new home, inquired about work, and searched for items to acquire for my new space. I logged a lot of hours online.

In this time a lot of thoughts and judgements came up for me. Fears of what people were thinking of me, of what people was expected from me. I know that is all me judging myself and I reminded myself to breathe through it and shake it off, literally. A lot of excitement came up to. I really do feel like I am starting a new, not in India but here and I feel that this may be a bigger challenge and I am up for it.

I have a job interview Sunday morning at a Lululemon store near where I will be living. I have not had a job interview since February of 2000, except for when Dolly Parton flew me to Nashville in 2005 for the day to feel me out before hiring me. That job interview in 2000 was at the House of Blues Chicago to work in the company store, selling T-shirts. That is the job that started me on this path. From there I met the concert production staff and was able to weasel my way in to be a part of that world, to be a sound engineer. I made it all happen from folding T-shirts. So who knows what is to come next. I may not even get this job and that is perfect. I may get it and work there for 2 months. I may get it and create a new role in the company. I am ready to go wherever this life is leading me.

I do plan on bringing my "joyology" to the world, I just don't know how yet. For now it will be just being me and reaffirming it in myself.


  1. You are bringin your "joyology" to me with your posts an tweets already :-)
    You inspire me a lot to rethink my life and my role in this whole universe...

    I'm glad you're back and healthy!

    Good luck for the job interview :-)

    P.s. would you post some pics of your new home? I'm soooo curious!

    Lots of love& big hugs,

  2. Congratulations on the new beginning. :] Lululemon is right up your alley in a lot of important ways that could pan out nicely. But you have the right attitude: if not, then something else.

    Glad you're feeling better!

  3. Ha,ha- even though you pretty much always have a great attitude, I'm sure not being ill helps A LOT! :) :)

    Good luck at LuLu!


  4. i LOVE reading your blog. i'm going to social work school and it seems like everyone here is so problem-focused. i want to infuse my social work practice with joyology! you are such an inspiration and i am so grateful to you for sharing your life via this blog.

  5. You are living your life powerfully and living a life you love!

  6. Sometimes we desire affirmation most when it is actually scarce: While we're not doing something 'exciting' but being still; preparing; listening. Such practices tend to be challenging and akward to many and therefore intimacy is not as strong amidst facing such a time. But your continued bravery will not only create a stronger intimacy with others around you, it will lend itself to the bravery others attempt.

    You know this and you continue to practice love through maintaining vulnerabilty.. Beautiful :)

    Also, I enjoy the way you have with words- relatable; encouraging; inspiring!

    ...Would you consider writing a musician bio?

  7. It is all up to you and the faith you have. Keep it up. I truley belive that what will be will be, we just dont see it sometimes, and it is in these times we find out more about who we are and how we relate to others.