Wednesday, February 3, 2010

lost and found.

I am here. I am in Hermosa. My new home for now. I have yet to move into my place (1 more day!), but have been staying at my best friend's who only lives one block away from where I will be. I did not even know that when I secured it. I went to see my place in person yesterday. So far I had only seen pictures and heard second hand about the building and my future studio. It really is right on the ocean, the closet building to the sand, with a beach access stairwell that drops you no less then 10 ft. from the the water. Amazing. I won't have a ocean view, but I can hear the ocean from my spot and just need to turn my head a bit to see the waves from my balcony.

I am so anxious to move in and to have my belongings with my and to create a little space of my own. I am excited for little things like buying toilet paper and dish soap for my bathroom and my kitchen. I am excited to arrange where I will keep the towels and the cups. I am excited to be able to wake up at 5 am and start my VIta-mix without being afraid of waking anyone. I honestly have no idea what I am doing I am just so ready to be still. I don't how long that feeling will last as I have had it before and within a month was itching to be back on the road again. Of course, this time is different, every time is different, every moment is different.

You know I feel like I am in a bit of jumble lately. Not really sure what is going on or what is happening next, or even how I got here. But, I am content with the jumble and as I sit and observe the people I see in passing at cafes and stores I see that I may be more at peace with where I am then all of these people around me. People that seem like they have stability. People with schedules and plans, people with families and careers. A lot of them seem a lot more lost than me. Of course that is my perspective and that is what I am making up, but it just makes me want to be with them and let them know that everything is okay. Everything is more than okay. We are all in this world together, figuring it out the best we can. So lets just enjoy it, right?


  1. Exactly! Enjoy life! I definitely understand the excitement of moving into a new place and being able to decorate it so your personality shows! So much fun!


  2. Have a wonderful move! I'm always concerned about waking my neighbors with my Vita-mix, but I hear them all time time, so I figure we're even. ;) Enjoy what is your current here and now!

  3. I don't exactly know what kind of writing you are wanting to create but your ability, imho, to 'make up' those that are surrounding you will serve you...we are all in this together and the reasons are endless in the observer and the creator. It's what we all are anyway. It doesn't matter what you make up about me. I would never know and, so, would never judge you. Of course, even if I did, I would never judge you. :)

    Happy Move-In Day! You're gonna grace that place.

  4. Yeah, exactly. Enjoy life and don't get scheduled up to death :-) I wish I could get lost a little to find out what my life is really about...
    Oh and I'm so happy that you are happy.
    Happy moving! xoxo