Sunday, February 28, 2010


I love that my current yoga practice consists of lots of random handstands.

I love that there is always sand underneath my toenails.

I love that my clock is almost always ignored.

I love that my hula hoop has become my activity when floating from one activity to the next.

I love that my backyard is the beach.

I love that I feel more at home down on that sand then I have ever felt in my life.

I love that the background music to my life consists mostly of the music of my closest dearest friends.

I love that I do not have a car and that I use these legs to pedal or step me to where I want to be.

I love that I have now not only gotten rid of the word "should" but also "need". My life consists of only "wants".

I love that I have fresh gorgeous flowers blooming on my table.

I love this ink on my skin, reminding me of the power I am, the power that is in me, the power that is mine to use.

I love the spontaneous dance routines that pour out of me that out shine Flashdance for sure.

I love laughing at myself, with myself all day long.

I love that the words "YEOW" and "RAD" are part of my current vocabulary.

I love that I am not keeping track of what I eat or when I eat or how I eat.

I love the curls of my hair.

I love the glow of my skin.

I love the skin on my bones.

I love the muscle underneath my flesh.

I love who I am.

I love who you are.

I love that I am who I am and She is who She is and He is who He is.

I love this life that I have created.

I love this life that I am creating.

I love that I get to choose each moment and create each moment. Each moment is mine and yours and ours to create with it what we like.


  1. How beautiful! Thanks for sharing your happiness!

  2. I love the mug that can keep my tea warm for hours.

    I love the rustic, antique, hip cafe I enjoy while I study.

    I love having the opportunity to be in college.

    I love my boyfriend, who is as grateful for his life as I am for mine.

    I love love.

    I love.


  3. I just had a great yoga practice and read your blog. Feeling AWESOME!! I also found this quote from my yogi tea bag : Live to share. Stay rad! Namaste... ;)

  4. i love this blog!

    RAD!! I use that word alot to.. kind of mix it up to.. sometimes I'll put rad and fatastic together making it radtastic.. if it's even radder then radtastic it's super radtastic... and if it's even radder then that you add numbers... super radtastic to the 10th power and so on depending on how rad you think it is... lol... yeah I'm a bit of a weirdo but I love being a weirdo... :)

    you have yourself a lovely day Tricia


  5. fantastic not fatastic... freakin typos

  6. this is very inspiring and beautiful!
    i love the way you wrote it.
    i love how you love yourself dearly.
    and i love how you continue to inspire me.

    i will get that ink soon on my skin :D

    much love,
    yvonne from singapore

  7. You are an absolutely amazing and uplifting person/bundle of fantastic energy. It's been tough for me to love without borders or reciprocation. I've been in a very 'grasping' or 'hording' place for an extremely long time--and you are one of the reminders that everything is perfect as it is. I love you, you're rad, keep shining.

  8. Absolutely beautiful. Your life inspires me! I read this sitting at my desk at work and wished I was feeling what you were feeling during your yoga session and when you wrote this. It sounds like an absolutely divine experience

  9. And I love reading this!!!!!! :):):)Inspiring and joyful!!

  10. I woke up this morning feeling a little blue b/c I have to work...and honestly, I really dislike my job...yes, I'm a professional, yes I make great green, yes I must support my family and keep them in insurance, so yes, I must continue to work this job until I find something else that makes me happy...then I read your blog and felt your happiness...I thought "now here is a lucky person, lucky to do what she wants to do, lucky to follow her dreams and wishes, lucky, lucky, lucky, happy, happy, happy...Most people in this world are stuck in the rut like I am...and I want u to know that each time I read your blogs, I take a little piece of happiness, do something different for myself, whether it's a recipe or a hula thanks! I just wish I could find your completeness...I had it once, then my children came and yes, I luv them more than anything in this world, which is why I must work so hard to make their lives wonderful and complete..having children definetely changes everything and hearing their childlike laugh each day and seeing them happy makes it all worthwhile, but sometimes I miss my carefree attitude, being able to leap and jump at a whim as you do! Then there is taking care of sick parents which is my obligation because they took care of me and it's what's most important life, being there for your family and friends! But thank you for giving me that little piece of me back each time I read your blog...wish I could take it all, but will settle for bits and pieces as they come...However, on a different note...I really would luv to get your recipe for the green seems to be the root of all energy for u these days lol lol lol! Please, if u can, forward to my email! And again thanks for sharing your live and experiences with others...we truely are blessed having u in this world! PS: Are you writing all day while enjoying your new beach life? I once lived on the beach just like u...luved it!!!!!!

  11. thank you so much for sharing what you love with the world. my face lights up every time i read your blog and consequently realize that there is true happiness out there, and that it can be found with almost no materials, but just being one with ourselves and one with nature and appreciating the little things.

    may i ask, what is your tattoo?

    ~be love~

  12. i love you and this post and all these posts:)

  13. "I love that the background music to my life consists mostly of the music of my closest dearest friends." -- indeed that is something invaluable and not many people can claim that. How fortunate you are !!
    Your friends make GREAT music, and their music forms my life's background too. Truly inspiring ... Enjoy it all to the fullest. It must be great to be in the company of such creative, honest, generous and caring people.