Friday, February 12, 2010


This morning I woke up a little sore and not wanting to get up at 7am so I laid in bed just a bit longer, even if I wasn't going back to sleep. As I was cozy in bed I said outloud, “I love you comforter.” It made me giggle. I checked the yoga schedule for the closest studio and found a class that didn’t look to easy or to scary for 9:15am so I planned to go to that. I haven’t really wanted to go to this studio, but it’s the only one that is in easy walking distance. The class was perfect! It started slow and then built up. At the beginning I kept saying to myself, “I love yoga” I was almost having an orgasm. Being led through a sequence is just such a different experience for me than leading myself. I feel like I fully surrender with someone else guiding.

I walked back home after class taller and stronger. By the time I got back it was almost time for me to leave again to pick my friend's car to go see a guy about a bicycle. It was raining but I actually love the rain and my Lululemon running jacket was perfect with the hood up to keep me from getting soaked (I am against umbrellas after living in Chicago and continously almost getting my eye poked out by them). I got to Tina’s cafĂ© and took off to pick up my new bike. I was certain I would be coming home with one. As I was driving, I could feel some soreness in my muscles, soreness from use, and it felt good. A feeling of contentment passed over me and I thought, “I am so happy!” and then I immediately started to tear up. Soon I was sobbing, and I just loved it. I love emotions.

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