Tuesday, February 23, 2010

unconditonal love

A moment in time that I witnessed yesterday at Venice Beach pier.

I tagged along on a bikeriding adventure in the morning with one of my best friends who was assisting Life Rolls On ( in bringing a surfer with a spinal cord injury out in the water to surf again (which is super amazing, but not the moment I am talking about). There were around eight to ten guys there to assist, including a small film crew. One of the guys had his dog with him. The dog was of a mid-size black and white herding breed and was eager to make friends with anyone who would throw his frisbee. When I first spotted this, I had a good laugh remembering a time I visited a friend and as soon as the dog walked up to me she almost yelled, "Do not throw the ball! If you it will never stop!" Well, this dog had no problem finding people to throw the frisbee. While her dad was on the pier accessing the water for the surf adventure the dog went from person to person as they tired of throwing it. I was stoked when she dropped the frisbee at my feet. She soon started a little cycle, this way making sure to not wear her playmates out.

Then, a whistle was let out and the dog dropped the frisbee, changed direction, leaped over a cement wall and ran into the sand to where her owner was on the pier. The pier was too tall for her to jump over, so she kept running and stopping to see if she could jump now. She gave up on the jump and ran to the start of the pier and then up it to her Daddy. Arriving at his feet with a wagging tail and kisses.

I watched all of this and said outloud, "Now, that is love." To stop everything immediately and run as fast as you can back to your loved one, simply because they let out a little call. No questions asked, just pure love, pure unconditional love.

It is that easy isn't it? Just to love.


  1. adorable! an animal's love is unconditional. <3 <3

  2. I can totally picture the scene reading your words. I have had that love and there's no word to say how much I miss it.

  3. To Love is to share and serve...

    A great lesson to learn of life is the need of giving out from the abundance of one's self in order to be ever abundant within one's self. ~ Walter Russell

  4. I want to be on the beach with a dog period! that is a great story and example of love thank you!