Friday, February 19, 2010

in contentment

Today is a cuddly cozy day for me. The sun is hiding when I wake up and I choose to stay in bed and watch a movie, a nice morning treat. I get up later and bike to my local post office, my friend’s cafĂ©, and to the Friday farmer’s market and then return to my cozy day at home. A little after 5pm, I crave the sand between my toes. It is a bit chilly today so I don a sweater, scarf, and my warm wooly headband. I even choose to make some fresh hot tea and bring the mug down to the sand with me.

The sky is covered in shades of soft blues and purples with bits of a rosy, baby pink popping out. The beach is near empty, only 4 guys on a far away volleyball court and a father with his waddling toddler playing near a lifeguard stand. My intention is to sit on one of the big rocks right behind my building but the sky is acting like a magnet pulling me in closer. I am walking with both hands wrapped around my white porcelain mug staring into the peaceful sky. I feel as if I am the heroine in a movie and the credits are about to role. I am gorgeous in my make-up free face with my curls catching flight in the wind. I have just conquered, I won, I came out on top. I am on top. I am perfect. I am the picture perfect poster of contentment. I feel my team of spirits walking behind me, my father, my grandmother, my dogs, my friend Janelle and on and on. All of the people that I have “lost” I feel so strongly with me.

I am still walking. I am watching the clouds shift and the colors change. I am actually for the first time watching the sunset, not looking at it but watching it. I am part of it and it is part of me. I am connected to all of my surroundings, the sand, the sea, the wind, the sky. I look up and spot the swings, a perfect place for more watching. I get to the swings and choose to face the opposite direction that I was walking in. I want to watch those clouds and colors too. As I am swinging the toddler waddles towards me, stops and stares at me as I swing, her father rushing to catch up to her. I smile at her and say hello and she continues to stare at me and my swinging self, maybe she sees all of my spirit friends too?

The little girl gets her own swing and I turn my attention back to the sky. Why is it that sunrise and sunset draw so much attention? People always love to catch the beauty of the sun coming up for the day and going down for the night. Is it because we are witnessing change? We are observing the end of one cycle and the start of a new. Or maybe it is just because they are so darn purdy!

This isn't tonight's sunset...but one I took years ago in Costa Rica


  1. Reading this post brought me back to a similar experience. After a day of surfing (the first time I felt like I could really call myself a surfer), the sunset was perfect! That was in Mal Pais, Costa Rica. Scrolled down to find your photo from Costa and smiled. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I definitely get your post... I often feel the people that I have lost are with me especially when I feel alone or lost...U definitely sound at peace and u are right everyone loves a sunrise and a sunset... beginning and an ending...