Sunday, February 7, 2010

an Adult

I am moved in!!!!! Well mostly. I ordered some furniture online, so even though it isn’t here I have picked it out and purchased it. Hopefully, I like it in person. If not I am sure I will find something else. I went to San Diego on Wednesday to collect what was left of my belongings and got my keys on Thursday afternoon. I had a packed car as I had also made stops along the way shopping for household items I don’t possess. It’s funny because I got rid of so much stuff a few months ago and now I am shop, shop, shopping away for stuff. Different stuff though, I did not own any of the household items that I am now buying. The last time I had a place of my own was 4 years ago. Since then I was on tour, in hotels, subletting at friends furnished homes when they were away, and just traveling. The house I moved into in 2008 was already fully stocked and furnished. In fact, I barely even changed anything in the bedroom I occupied. Actually, I have never really decorated any room/home that I have lived in since I left home at 18. I never hung anything on the walls and really never bought furniture. Okay, that is a lie, I now remember when I got my first place of my own my senior year in college in Chicago I bought a ton of clear plastic picture frames from the dollar store and decorated a whole wall with photos of various landscapes from trips I had taken, but that is it.

Now, I find myself being overly particular about everything. I am not settling on anything. I have visited endless websites and at least a dozen stores and have yet to purchase a bath mat, a carpet for my feet as I exit the shower. I mean really? I have seen so many and they are all fine, but something in me is holding out for that very special bath mat. This is so hilarious to me! I keep having flashes to moments last year when visiting friend’s homes and thinking, “WOW, they are such adults!!!!” It was so crazy for me to imagine having a fully furnished home full of things that they had picked out and arranged to their liking. So, yesterday as I was shopping and dismissing bath mats I thought, “I am so adult now.” HAHA.

I feel like I am in a dream. I can hear the ocean right now as I type, I can hear it in bed, I can hear it always. It catches my attention often and I stop and think, “Wow, I am hearing the ocean.” Today I walked down my stairs and into the sand to take a walk barefoot in the sand. I crossed the path of a lifeguard and stopped him to ask him about surf spots nearby. He told me that the water directly behind my building was one of the best spots. I mean, really? Seriously? I can just run down the stairs from my studio with board under arm and paddle out right there???!?!!!??! I have just arrived in heaven!

All of the things that I had wanted for India and Bali are mine right now, right here. I wanted to have a bicycle as my primary transportation, to do yoga, surf, have my own space, learn to run, and to write. Done, done, check, check, working on it, and happening!


  1. THIS IS AMAZING! I am so excited for you. In August I will take my steps as "wow, I'm so adult now!" too when my daughter I move out of my parents house and on our own for the first time. It's incredibly moving and inspiring to read your journey. The universe just delivered EXACTLY what you need.

  2. congratulations! everything is just as it should be!!!!

  3. You are about to find the perfect bath mat, I can feel it! :) And there is still time to not grow up too fast...go play in the water...which is right outside your door. How fun is that?

  4. I am happy for you... Wish I was in your place, cuz my happy place is nil.... at a crossroads in a relationship and well, u know how those are.....

  5. I wish I could be there! Looks amazing...magic!

  6. When you set your mind in motion, amazing things can happen. Enjoyed the post.