Monday, February 8, 2010

in a dream

Today is Sunday, I have spent 3 nights in my new place so far and I took my first shower here this morning. I bought new towels and wanted to wash them before I used them and didn’t get around to until last night. Although I am sure that I was purposefully putting it off in case I found towels that I loved more. I looked at a lot of towels before I chose those. They are a nice purple (my new signature color which happens to symbolize abundance) and green (the color of the heart chakra), woven out of bamboo and cotton. Now, I just need to find a bathmat that suits them and me. (Later in the day I found the perfect one on made from old t-shirts, towels, and other materials).

Back to the shower, it is perfect! The head is at a high height that stands well above my tall self and the pressure was amazing! It got hot super quick, which is great as I don’t have to waist water waiting for it to warm up nor freeze myself in an effort to conserve water. Yay! I was wondering about how the pressure was going to be in my head all week.

For the first time I am really wanting a bathrobe and slippers. Maybe it is because of my hotel-like vibe here in my little studio. I used them all year on tour in the various hotels that we visited across the world. I often even joked with myself that I needed to be rating the different robes and that I could be earning extra cash acting as a travel reviewer for various things. My favorite robes were the shorter types, hitting just around the knee area with sleeves that hung between elbow and wrist. I even remember commenting to Jason in one of our last hotels stays that I had found my favorite robe. He advised that I go visit Toca (our percussionist)’s room and snag his robe to bring home. But, I thought I would be away in India and Bali for months on end and could not see myself lugging the robe around with me. Maybe I will start calling each hotel that I stayed at and quiz them about their robes, to find that one that I stated was my favorite.

I still can not believe that I am really hearing the ocean as I sit here typing or as I lay in bed. It feels like a dream. The last few times that I came through the garage I opened the door to the beach before heading up the stairs to my apartment. Just to take it in. I see it from the window at the top of my stairs but I just wanted the full view, air and all.


  1. Life should be like this!! Always making our dreams come true!

  2. Thanks God we can see Nature with the eyes of our souls!

  3. Sounds like u are in heaven!....Love purple and green.... bet its soothing to the eye...

    Of course...there's probably a robe there, too.

    Yeah, you can't go wrong following your bliss. :)

  5. Only know you through your blog but am smiling because we seem to come to similar conclusions and make similar decisions on the same days. Strange. Not in a creepy way but in a sort of, sometimes the universe puts random things in front of you to reinforce important ideas kind of way. Came across you accidentally and am so glad I did. Enjoy your new home!