Tuesday, January 19, 2010

out of my mind

I am for sure out of my mind, but I guess that is what letting my heart lead me does. Haha. I went to India, where I thought I would be for months. My heart called me home, right to my Mommy. A request to move to San Fran touched my heart and gave me the confidence to come back to the states and have some sort of direction. It gave me the courage to really trust abundance and to know that the universe will provide me with an income to pay for rent and daily life in an expensive city. Whether that looks like waiting tables, coaching lives through joy, or receiving a book advance. Last night though, my heart directed me in a new direction, to a location that I already consider home, Hermosa Beach, where my best friend lives and operates a raw organic cafe and coffee shop. She was who I was planning on asking to drive me up to San Fran to move and I was elated when I checked my inbox to see a message from her telling me she could do it before I had even reached out to her. As I was replying with a Yes! I ended up writing what if we got a place together instead in Hermosa? What if I don't go to San Fran? This felt so right, that I realized that I would move there even if she wasn't prepared for a new living situation. I can get my own place there! My own home!!!!!!!

San Francisco really worked for me, because I gave my car away in February to people that needed it more than me and I am not prepared to buy a new one. I have been craving to live with a bicycle as my primary transportation and with the public transportation in SF it was perfect. But, I was having doubts about making it my new city. In the past few months I have finally come to really love LA, after years of writing it off. So, LA did keep popping into my brain, but I know I need a car there, so that won't work. But, in Hermosa I can easily live via bicycle and be close enough to LA to enjoy it's perks.

So, I realize that friends and family who have known me for years, and those who only know me through my writing may be thinking, "She is out of her mind!" Well, I agree. But, you know what? It feels great. It feels right. I am filling out an application for my own studio apartment right on the beach now!


  1. outta your mind
    just in time
    to find your way home
    to the ones you love
    and the ones who love you
    life is sweet...

  2. get it, girl!

    you are so unbelievably inspiring... keep on doing what you're doing =)

    xxoo lauren

  3.'re just following your bliss and I suspect no one single person on their yellow brick road has EVER found it running in a straight line...welcome home.

  4. i think you are perfectly sane. so much love to you. you are absolutely inspiring!

  5. You are sooo out of your mind...but so much into your heart! :-)
    You inspire me so much with what you do.
    I wish I could be as free as you are.
    love &hugs,
    Marija (from Germany)

  6. you are not out of your mind.
    well maybe just a little. haha! just kidding I think we all are a little out of our minds... I know I am. ;)

    I admire you for following your heart.
    there aren't too many people who have the courage to do so.

    many hugs to you

  7. You are amazing! You are a constant reminder to listen to what the universe is trying to tell say--a lesson I constantly have to remind myself.

    Much love! You give the strength necessary to live abundantly!