Wednesday, January 20, 2010

truly happy

My body is all out of whack.

I landed in Cincinnati at 7pm Monday night, with a stomach that was still quite disturbed. On the way to my mom's house I asked her to stop at the local Kroger's so I could pick up some food. At the check-out stand I burst into laughter at my purchases, it was an odd cry from my usual load. Gluten-free bread, mac-n-cheese, kids cereal, vegan cookie dough ice cream, and almond milk ( I usually just eat things naturally gluten-free, not the substitutes). I just wanted bland, binding foods to try to slow down my trips to the toilet and honestly veggies did not look appetizing at all. I dined on the mac-n-cheese and some ice cream when we got home and then headed to bed around 9:30pm. I passed out rather quickly, but then woke up at 1am unable to get anymore shut eye. So, I had some cereal and wrote, searched the web, read and on and on until I finally fell back asleep at 8am. When I woke up again, I assumed it would be an hour or two later, but it was 4pm!!!!! Of all my steady traveling, I never suffer from time change and jet leg issues. Especially, since I barely slept during my 24 hour travel day, I did not expect this, but oh well.

My mom and step-dad returned from work a few hours later and my step-dad fixed himself a fried egg and tomato sandwich with a baked potato and to my surprise this looked mouth watering delicious to me! He was so delighted that I for once wanted to eat what he was having that he quickly fired up the same for me on my gluten-free bread. I haven't eaten an egg in probably a year and was happy to see that my mom had purchased cage-free organic eggs in her motions to start eating more natural. I stayed up chatting and searching for apartments with them for a few hours and then we all retired by 10pm. I once again passed out quickly but then woke up at 1am again! My mom went to work at 5:30am today, and I was still up, so I drove her in to work. This way I can make a trip to whole foods to get myself some Kombucha and other random yet still mild items to sooth this tummy of mine! Right now I am craving fried potatoes, so weird for me! My mom got me two prescriptions for antibiotics (she's a nurse) but I am not willing to go that route yet.

When my mom got out of the car and I switched over to the drivers seat, I started laughing like a joker, in an evil manner. For some reason the idea of being behind the wheel was a riot to me. Maybe because the navigation system of my heart has been rapidly changing direction so much lately, I was afraid it was going to lead me to driving who knows where. I pulled into drive and switched on her xm radio that happened to be set on a 90s pop station. Janet Jackson and Boys to Men filled the car and I started to sing my head off to my own delight. I have always told myself that I know I am truly happy when I belt it out in the car and this morning I was even adding dance moves.


  1. Awww,i love this story and your whole blog.
    You just made me cry a little :-)
    I remember the times when i got my licence, singing my heart out in the traffic jam, to the RedHotChilliPeppers :-)


  2. Yes, that's what you call...a " jet lag ". I still suffer from it now. I've been back in the US since the 9th...but my jet lag never goes away. All you can do is...just wait. Until your body knows where you are.

    oh, I love the last part of your blog. " For some reason the idea of being behind the wheel was a riot to me. Maybe because the navigation system of my heart has been rapidly changing direction so much lately, I was afraid it was going to lead me to driving who knows where." This is awesome!! So good to be a traveller in your own life, yes? Have fun!!

    Thank you for sharing your happy feeling. It's contagious ;)

    Much love to you,


  3. Just dropping by quickly! I wanted to suggest some things for your tummy. I'm not sure if these will work, but they've always helped me :)

    -chew on ginger root for a bit
    -slippery elm (I know it sounds weird), you can get it in capsules or a powder, which I usually make tea with :)

  4. Ahahah cage-free. those animals aren't cage-free, contrary to what it says. i suggest you read 'eating animals' by jonathan safran foer.

  5. ^^ Was just coming to post similarly to Luna et Soleil. Direct from the farm is best... a little more pricey but worth it to know that the hens aren't stressed and suffering. Cage free only means that they aren't in cages, but are still packed to the gills with less than one square foot per hen. Eating Animals should be required reading for all Americans!!!