Friday, January 8, 2010


Today is the day! I did it! I packed my life and chose store, take, or give away. I have with me one large backpacking pack that is packed, yet still has a ton of room, My yoga mat bag (stuffed with books I have been gifted and my mat), my regular backpack (filled with my laptop, brand new kindle and camera, and of course my collapsible hula hoop ( I stored one storage bin of clothing, one of personal goods (books, tax info., tiny mementos), one of shoes, coats, and other odds and ends, and my trusty suitcase that has toured the world over and over again with me (she gets this trip off). All of this fit in the back of a Highlander hybrid with out even blocking the rear window view. I gave away books, clothes, shoes, baskets, expensive toiletries, and more.

My partner in transformation picked me up at 8:30 am, and when he arrived I had all of my gear stacked outside the front door waiting. I already had drunk two mugs of mate and was working on my green shake in between bites of the raw cookie dough that Anya had made me the night before. My carry-on was packed with leftovers from the night’s amazing collaboration dinner and a piece of raw chocolate pie from Cru. After a few hugs goodbye from soul sisters, Anya and TP, Jason and I hit the rode, only to make a quick stop by at Jitters in Oceanside, to grab some more hugs from my community of amazing friends there.

The drive was perfect and before I knew it, (quite literally, we passed the entrance to the airport) we had arrived. Before strapping on my gear, I was met by a hug that needed no words at all. He didn’t need to say anything, I felt it all, I know it all, but he did. The words that he choked out, “I’m so proud of you” will stay with me forever. I’ve heard those words out of mouths before, but I feel this one to the core, and I accept all that it is.

I strapped my packs on and laughed at it all and headed for check in. My passport was handed over and the desk agent started typing away. She had to got check multiple pages to make sure my one way ticket and visa would indeed welcome me into India. I was at the desk for a good 10-15 minutes waiting for her to go through all the necessary work and also waiting while she helped to translate for the agent next to us and her line. I was able to have comfortable, fun banter with the agents, laughing as they accidently tagged someone else’s luggage with my tag. Lately, I am present to how much I love these moments of sharing laughter with new strangers each day. It is good to feel connected.

Before heading into security, I opted for a bathroom stop. I had already consumed more beverages than some people do all day. I was delighted to see such a clean, empty bathroom and was excited at the site of the ultra-large handicap stall. I don’t usually go for those stalls, as I am not handicapped, but figured since there were 3 more large stalls open and not one person in the entire room, I would be off the hook. I placed my stuff on the floor and used the facilities, when I finished I was suddenly overcome with an urge for a downward dog, so I went for it. In the bathroom stall! I started to shake my head at the silliness of it and then decided it was a picture perfect moment to good not to share. So, I set up my new camera for it’s first shot. And that is how my trip began!


  1. What a wonderful beginning of your transition! You had love in so many forms...home-prepared food (and from Cru, which I also love), your love of this journey you're taking, the most perfect love-infused bon voyage hug...

    Thank you for sharing your journey with me as your reader. I'm cherishing every word.

    May your travels and adventures be filled with love, joy, peace, abundance, and all that is good.

  2. i love this, i nearly fell off my chair when you called to say you were doing yoga in the bathroom stall! i love you so much, you are truly one of a kind! macaroomie for life :)

  3. I love your blog! Have fun on the trip!