Thursday, March 25, 2010


Breakdown! Breakdown! Breakdown! I just had a breakdown! My friend dropped me back at the airport in Austin this afternoon to pick up a rental car. I had reserved one, but him, his housemates and I were trying to figure out a plan utilizing the cars that they own. Alas, it was not looking too good, so we went ahead and picked up the rental car. Now, I can roam freely as I like without interrupting their plans and without putting off things that I want to do.

As I handed my credit card over to the desk agent I felt my body stiffen. I don’t like being in credit card debt! I have never been before! I have no other debt. I have the money to pay my rent, but that is it. I used my credit cards to supply my new little sanctuary with furnishings and to stock my pantry. I want to retire these cards. I do not want to add to my debt.

This week, I was invited to go to San Francisco on March 31 to attend a leadership workshop with the Café Gratitude folks. My initial reaction was YES!!!!!! I have been wanting to go up north just to eat at their new vegan mexican restaurant, Gracias Madre and had even emailed a friend about planning a day adventure for that purpose only. So, this is perfect, and he is going too, even more perfect!

But. Here. Now. Today, I am having a breakdown. I don’t want to charge this rental car. I don’t want to charge this plane ticket to SF. I want to go on a shopping spree. I want a new warm hoody and something cute to wear. I want new Lululemon yoga clothes. I want to buy hair products and makeup. I want to get massages and facials and pedicures! I want to stock myself with all of my favorite superfoods. I want to buy the entire online sweet treat selection at But, I don’t want to rack up more debt.

I know that I am abundant. I know that what I will get from the leadership workshop in SF and what I will get from my Yoga training this weekend will create more abundance in my life. I am not going to go on a shopping spree. I am going to keep living simply. I am not going to primp and pamper myself. BUT, I am going to buy this plane ticket. I am going to go to San Francisco. I am going to attend this workshop. I have no idea what will come from it, but I am drawn to do it and I am able to do it. My credit card debt will go away. I will source income from the perfect place at the perfect time. Because yes I want to spend money on all of these things right now, but so far nothing is calling to me to make that money. I am really enjoying being unemployed. These trips that are costing me money are bringing me income, just not today, but it is coming!

I am abundant!


  1. You know what? Love always support your spirit. You'll be just fine. Just enjoy the workshop. Let us know how wonderful their workshop is! Smile :D

  2. Greetings, Tricia! My name is Norri. Last fall, here in Austin, a couple friends & I acquainted Billy. He spoke of you and all his friends with such love & admiration...

    I did not make your acquaintance then, but I am inspired by your blog.

    I find it easy to relate to this entry on transportation complications. I am in transition moving to California from Texas. But I have family here in Austin, so there is usually a car I can borrow-- I don't know if you need a ride or another friend while here, but Billy can pass my number along to you (if he even still has it, hm) or e-mail me :) Best wishes during your stay here!


  3. Hey Tricia! I'm a makeup artist in Chicago & I get tons of great hair and makeup stuff from my friends in the biz. I'd be happy to send some your way in exchange for your little doses of inspiration! If you want, shoot me an email with your mailing address & I'll get it to you asap. Have a great day!
    <3 jackie