Tuesday, March 16, 2010

a gratitude texter

You know drunk texting, right? You get a little loose with alcohol and you start texting (or dialing) possible significant others. Last year when I was on tour, the two other ladies on the road and I went out for a girls night. We ended up enjoying sake with our sushi and getting silly. That night I found myself drunk texting, but not to boys that I had crushes on. I was sending out texts of love and gratitude to friends of mine. Some to friends that I had not heard from or seen in months. Some to friends that I talked to daily. I sent them to friends of all varieties. They were similar messages, yet each one unique in their own way. Messages such as, “I love you and I love you in my life.” “I am so grateful for you and who are. Thank you for being you.”

Last week, after I found out that one of my touring brothers had passed, I found myself sending out messages like those drunk texts to people in my life. I got that I am truly grateful for everyone in my life. Even the people who frustrate me and whom I don’t always agree with. These people reflect to me what I do want in my life, who I do want to be, what I do want to do. They also show me that we are not all the same. They way that I think, react, speak is not the same as everyone else that I encounter or befriend. I truly do love these people in my life and not so that I can be the “better” reflection. I am not better than them. I value these people and their beliefs and their actions. It may not be what I choose for myself, but that does not make them and who they are wrong.

I appreciate all of you and how you show up for me. I appreciate the reflections that you show me. Without you I may never have seen them! I continually learn from you and with you! I am grateful!

"A healthy social life is found only, when in the mirror of each soul the whole community finds its reflection, and when in the whole community the virtue of each one is living."-----Rudolf Steiner

“Friends are the mirror reflecting the truth of who we are”---Unknown


  1. Miss Tricia,
    It seems that I read your posts when I need them most. While we both tend to use our blogs as diaries, mine is more me getting thoughts out...but yours is more helpful to people who read it. To me, anyway.
    For the past 12 hours I've been mulling over not being invited to a family event last night and I've been focusing on how hurt I felt - even though it was probably a misunderstanding. I felt like an after-thought when my sister in law texted me to invite me after it had started. I didn't reply because I was upset.
    Meanwhile, my ever sensible husband has been trying to persuade me that it's not a big deal. He's right.
    This post of yours made me step back from it and see that I'm lucky to have the family and friends and colleagues I have. I need to focus on the positive - on me being honest and true to myself and others.

    Gosh, I ramble! I just basically wanted to say thanks.. xo

  2. Each friend represents a world in us, a world not born until they arrive, and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born.~Anais Nin

  3. I love it when you come to my dinner parties!

  4. This was such a great post...

    I am humbled to say that I just adore being on so many DTLs (Drunk Text Lists). It seems many of my friends are just Lushes of Love. :) that a reflection of me? Ha.