Thursday, March 11, 2010


Last night I got home around 2am (highly unusual for me these days) and was wide awake. I planned to make it to a 6:45am yoga class today, but the time kept moving forward and I was still awake. Not just awake, but alive. I was stoked on life. Everything that I had been through to get me to today, all of the possibilities for the future and most importantly for enjoying my now! At 5am I tweeted “im in love....i will admit it. i am not afraid...I am in love with this life, no matter what it hands me. I believe in you, life and all u r.” That is a pretty rad thing to feel the need to express when still up and pondering if I am going to get to yoga class in less than 2 hours.

I finally ended up falling asleep around 5:30am and then woke up at 8am. My yoga studio has a class at 8:40am and 10:15, I can make either of these, I thought. I got up and felt great, none of the soreness that I had been feeling lately. No after effects of drinking half a bottle of wine a few hours earlier, in an effort to rock myself to sleep (and just because I wanted wine). I feel full of life and I want to write about so many things. I jot down a few things that come to me, so I can remember to touch on each of them. I love this! Being in my pajamas, wrapped in a warm sweater, sipping my tea, sitting at my desk, swaying to my music. I want to go to yoga, but I am inspired to write now and just want to be right here, enjoying my space, my home.

I start to write and I just feel so at home, typing away into my computer. This is what I want. This is who I am. I am a writer!!!!! I want this to be where my income comes from. Lately, so many ideas have been coming to me on what to do next. I of course want to continue to write and to publish books, but that is not paying my rent right now. I have come to realize that I am so happy not reporting for work and my writing is a full time job, it just doesn’t pay like one yet. So, I have not stressed myself looking for work. I am enjoying this time while it lasts and I am trusting the universe to show me the perfect opportunity at the perfect time.

At the same time I do notice my loves and where I know that I can make a difference. Friends point out my creativity and possible job ideas for me too. After constructing a birthday card out of some cardboard and sharpie markers for my friend everyone who saw it was passionate about me being a greeting card writer/designer. Another friend and the customers of her café want me to have my own reality TV show entitled “TAKE TRICIA TO WORK DAY”. This came about one day when I helped at her café. She clapped her hands together in glee and said, “I love take Tricia to work day!”. After I wrote the “I am being a stand for you and who you want to be” blog I felt so passionate about spreading my joy of life that I actually did want my own TV show of any style, because I make up that it is the most effective way to reach the masses. I just want to people to enjoy life, in all of its aspects. Really, I just want to be paid to be me.

I said that same statement a year and a half ago when I took a break from touring and retired from doing sound. Months later, I ended up creating my position as the joyologist, where I pretty much did get paid for being me. So I will let the manifesting do its thing!....and in the mean time I will keep doing my thing.


  1. Wow it sounds like you are in a really beautiful space at the moment. I can really relate to that feeling of flow when you write. I have only recently reconnected with this feeling since starting my blog. Writing feels so natural and it is an amazing avenue for all my deepest passions and thoughts to be expressed.

    I think what you are doing is so right - just follow your bliss and it will lead you to everything you need.
    Love and Light
    Connie x

  2. That's the beauty of "just being". :)

  3. my mom lives her life by the phrase "do what you love & the money will come" & has raised me to follow in her (philosophical) footsteps... I am learning that life is much more liveable when my priorities are straight! :)

  4. Great post, Tricia. I have also come to the conclusion in the past year that I want my writing to support me financially. I have struggled with career choices forever, but I do want to try to make a living as a writer because I already write all the time and it is the one thing I do best (I think!) I love what you say about creating the possibility, or manifesting it. How does one begin doing that? Message me if you have any advice :)
    Heather (After the Harvest/Supeforest)

  5. i love reading your blogs. that make me happy and make my day so much better. i am looking forward to the day when i can get paid for just being me like you do. but for now i will enjoy traveling on cruise ships. i hope one day our sprits do cross paths in the physical cuz u seem like an awesome person! but for now i'll come on thru ur open window thru ur blogs. hehehe thannx for bein' you! xo ;&hearts