Thursday, March 25, 2010


I signed up for the AIDSRIDE Lifecycle on Monday. That is huge! That is a huge commitment for me to make. It is a huge commitment for anyone to make, but for me!!!!!! I mean I have barely committed to anything outside of my work since I got into the music business 10 years ago. I really could not commit to anything outside of work. I did not have control of my schedule. If my best friend called me in a frenzy that she was getting married. I was not able to say, “I will be at your wedding!” I just didn’t know. Let me look at my tour dates this year. Or I may not even of known who I would be on tour with that year, so I had no idea about when I would be in town.

Right now in my life, I have absolutely no idea where I will be in June. I do not know how I will be making an income (manifesting that income now!), where that income will be coming from, and where that income will require me to be. Will I be working in some sort of office? Will I be traveling? Will I be allowed to have time off? All of these questions came up for me when the thought of doing the AIDSRIDE came up for me. But, I want to do it! I am doing it! It will all work out. Wherever I am, who I ever I am working for, what ever happens, I AM COMMITTED TO BICYCLING 645 MILES FROM SF TO LA FROM JUNE 6-13!!!!!!!!!

I am manifesting the perfect income opportunity that utilizes my creative assets, where I am paid to be me, and that allows me freedoms. Will I be making an income writing? Will one of the companies that I cherish offer me a position of some sort? There are so many possibilities in this world. I know that there are a huge number of people out there unemployed. I know that there are a huge number of people out there scraping by on minimum wage, but I believe that we can all do what we want to do. We just have to find what it is we want to do and then put our whole hearts and souls in it. We have to believe in ourselves and in all of mankind. We are truly amazing, all of us. WE can do anything together!

So lets do this AIDSRIDE together! I’ll ride the bike you just get the opportunity to donate! Just think $1 makes a difference. It really does. I currently have 1465 twitter followers (which is insane!?!??!??! And I love you all) If each follower donates $2.90 my goal of $5000 is met! Isn’t that insane!!! But you don’t even have to donate $3, you can donate $1 and you will be making a difference! I am so grateful for the people that have donated any money at all, some people have donated $5 and I love it! They truly get that they do make a difference! They see that their $5 supports me and supports ending AIDS!

Maybe you don't have a credit card or really can not let go of even $1. Just passing along the message makes a difference. Let's do this!

How fitting that Cafe Gratitude posted this today

Give a dollar to someone you don't know or anonymously to someone you know. Practicing giving and receiving are one and the same.

And this.

Giving is a way to release what you've been holding onto, putting more in the flow & connecting to the community.

PS.....I am also going to be asking for people to meet along the route at the camps to bring me yummy superfood! Raw or vegan gluten-free! I need your help to fuel this mission!


  1. i am going to donate as soon as my next paycheck arrives =) but just curious, in your last post you mentioned that you were once in tallahassee... that is where i am!! did you live there or just visiting there?

  2. encouraging giving is wonderful! I am supporting Edward Norton and Glen Hansard in a Maasai village conservation project, the goal is to raise enough money to buy a truck for the village so it helps them to save the lions, bring people to the hospital, etc. 14000$ have been collected so far over the 70000$ needed. if you could just give an eye to here: and maybe give even just that 1$, that would be really wonderful. thank you for just participating in the spirit of donation (even if not this cause but another of your choice, just the general idea of giving is wonderful).

  3. oh, Tricia! I'm doing the same way! Manifesting a perfect career opportunity!!!

    In April, I'll be leaving a flower shop I've been working since 1994...Crazy, huh? This is a time for getting out of my comfort zone, and explore other career opportunity. I want to feel happiness, I want to contribute my work to an environment I live in. I would continue to work with flowers somehow though.... Currently, my employer is experiencing an extreme hardship on their flower business, so of hours and payment were cut awfully. I'm not a happy camper there... I feel the universe is kicking my butt to move forward. Start fresh, that is.

    I'm planning to join some volunteer works in my community. I wanna start to make a good difference soon. A small dedication always leads to a big change. So, yes! to your commitment. I support your spirit, sending my love to you from Big Apple ;)

    Thank you, your blog always keeps my chin up and makes me feel so energetic!! Go, Tricia! Gooooooooo!!

  4. You’re more than welcome to use an amazing affirmation that’s always worked for me in getting to the right job for the right reasons. Change it as you feel..

    ‘Thank you Universe for providing me with the perfect job that allows for a perfect balance between my professional and personal life. Success comes easily to me. I am me regardless of what I do. I am rewarded for all the work I do. As I succeed I become more lovable. The Universe supports my every effort. My work is always recognised positively. I deserve to be successful doing work I love. The work I do brings me perfect health, wealth and happiness. While I help others, others help me. With no harm to no one, under grace, I thank that this is done. ‘

    And thank you Tricia for taking on this Bike Challenge. It’s been a year now since I lost a dear friend and amazing piano player to the AIDS battle. I will endeavour to support your journey and this cause. Blessings ~ Reflections. Ayten.

    The greatest life one can have is of service. Give Joy, Happiness, Bliss, Laughter, Wisdom, Prosperity, Love & Light to others. By doing so, you tap into the Infinite Source within ensuring that you will never have to do without these "treasures" yourself! ~ Lateef Warnick "One Source Of Universal Love"

  5. Ahhhh, you are so amazing! Again....LOVE Inspiring!!! Thank you!