Tuesday, March 23, 2010

in church

I am currently sitting on the rocks behind my building with my laptop on my lap, typing away as the sun sets. I feel like I am the only person on earth when I am out here. That time doesn’t exist. Only love exists and that I am connected to everything. I always feel like a gorgeous glowing beauty out here (we will see if that continues when it is warm enough for a bikini, haha). I feel connected to everyone and everything out here. The seagulls are my family. I create that the sand, water, air, and all of the beings out here are sending my information to take in. They are all nourishing me and I am nourishing them. Recently, friends of mine have invited me to attend the Agape church in LA with them on Sundays. The church sounds great, but I have yet to go because right now this is my church. This is where I am enlightened, this is where I am reborn, this is where I receive spirit in its highest being.

I notice other people connecting with spirit here too. People just sitting alone on the beach, staring into the water. People standing with their arms wide open, gazing up into the sky. People meditating with their eyes closed and their palms pressed together at their heart’s center. People dancing alone, doing pirouettes at the edge of the ocean. I see people on the sand practicing tai chi and qigong. They are not afraid of people looking at them crazy for these movements they are making. They are connecting with spirit and themselves.

This peace that I feel, sitting here on a rock in the sand at the foot of the waves, there are no words. Time does not exist. Fear does not exist. I AM IN LOVE! With this body, this soul, this sprit. This is my church, right here, outside of my door.


  1. Beautiful. I was just transported into your peaceful eden. Thank you my friend : )

  2. Hi again Tricia...As I read this I thought about how much I like to watch too. Sometimes it makes me so happy to just sit and watch with no plan, no agenda, as if time does not reminded me of that with your beautiful post..just lovely...Patrice