Monday, March 29, 2010

up for it.

I am driving from my home away from home, outside of town, using my google maps to navigate me into town. I either picked a perfect time for travel, there are many accidents, or Ausin just happens to have traffic that rivals LA. It takes me two hours to get to Whole Foods, I a mere 25 miles away. I did make one wrong turn on to a loop. I have no idea which direction I am going in. My phone is dying and I do not own a car charger. I search for a pen and paper to jot down the directions from my google maps, for I am dependent on this device to tell me where to go! Phone calls are coming in, but I do not answer, must conserve battery!

Sitting at a stand still I find myself quite enjoying the Austin radio stations. My head is filling with thoughts about money that lead to a lot of what the hell am I doing (with my life) thoughts. I am conscious of these thoughts as they arise and find myself taking long sighing exhales just like I do in yoga. I am pushing those thoughts that are not serving me right out with the stale air. I tune in to what the radio gives me and sing along. I am grateful for this reflection box that is carrying me (very slowly) into town.

I finally make it to my exit and think I have taken a wrong turn, when lo and behold the Mecca appears right in front of me, Whole Foods. I park, grab a basket (skipping with glee), and head right to the raw food section (I know my way around too many health food stores around the world to name). I grab a little chocolate mint pie from a Texas based company that I have been salivating for since my plane landed. This little piece of heaven is really all that I really came for. I turn a corner and discover myself in the wine section, where a friendly employee asks me if I want to sample her favorite wines. Why sure! I have time to kill and have just gone through a million emotions in my rental reflection box. I enjoy the wine and the friendly conversations with other tasters then go about my meandering through the store, off to the salad island (so big it is not a bar, but an island) to pile up on random varieties of deliciousness.

I check out and plan to look for an outlet to charge my phone, as I have no idea where the party that I am going to is located, it is all stored in my mobile device. The outside eating area is so inviting though. So, I go out there and dine. I don’t pick up a book, I don’t write, I just sit and eat and enjoy my surroundings and my meal. What an idea! To not be multitasking while eating! Especially, when eating alone! It has been a while since I have done that!

My phone is still on, just not living. I am able to pull up the address from an email and realize that I am only a few blocks away! I can find it with out my Google maps! I spot my evening's destination, Yoga Vida, a yoga studio that is holding a reception for the weekend of training with Baron Baptiste and pull into a spot on the street. I am trying to figure out how to pay the parking machine for the block when a friendly jogger takes out his earphone to yell to me, “you don’t have to pay after 6:30pm! It’s free now!”. Wow! Thank you jogger for that and thank you Austin for that!

My night is magical and perfect. I get to meet yoga teachers from all over who have come to assist the workshop and people that are part of Baron Baptiste's community. I am welcomed by each one of them and I really feel blessed to be in such company. I have no idea what I am in for this weekend, but I am up for it, especially if these glowing beings are part of it!


  1. I actually meant to ask you how the traffic was in Austin -- I have been there in Nov 2008 and for some reason it was really bad. Now this blog answered my question. But I did like the Whole Foods headquarter (and the hilly neighborhoods). Glad you're back, glad you took the sanctuary with you. It's so nice to feel 'at home' everywhere you go. You go, girl !

    Caressing sand under your soles ...


  2. Hi Tricia,

    I'm usually reading an inspirational blog (like yours) when I'm eating. And I had the nerve to tell my daughter that she shouldn't eat snacks when she was watching TV because sometimes she would wonder what happened to her last...whatever she was eating. Now that our TV doesn't work, I haven't heard her ask me if I took her last "whatever":D

    How cool to get something we'd pay for.:)

    Mmm. Wine sounds really good right now. But I'm enjoying my chocolate, strawberry-banana smoothie.:)

    It'll be 4 years this June when I took a bus from Illinois to San Antonio, Texas to watch my son graduate from basic training at Lackland Air Force base. We made a stop in Austin. We were on a loop that had traffic going like turtles. I didn't really mind, thought because I loved the buildings.

    My baby sister (who's in her 30s) lives in Austin. I sure wanted to see her, but we wouldn't have had any time and we had lost touch with each other for too long. I found her on Facebook.:) I just found out that she was at Hermosa Beach with her family last year.:)