Wednesday, April 28, 2010

available for change.

Today is a full moon.  It is the first day of my cleanse and mercury is in retrograde. I feel change on the rise.  Its one of those times when I would go completely change the color of my hair, do something bold, for all to see.  I am not going to change my hair color (I am a re-covering color-aholic.  I am 18 months clean from die jobs and happy.) but I feel that energy.  I want to re-arrange my little studio.  I want to move all of my furnishings around.  There isn’t much space, but I want to transform the space. 

A new tattoo, perhaps?   I was just brushing my teeth and caught a glimpse of the one that started it all.  I got it when I was 17 on the final day of exams from my junior year in high school.  I spent the entire day memorizing my sister’s social security number in case they questioned the ID I was using (hers).  Even as the needle was pressing into my spine, I recited the number.  I am pretty sure that I still remember it today.

I had made pseudo-plans with myself to catch the sunset today, but pretty much missed it.  I looked onto my balcony to see a tad bit of light outside.  Even though I knew I had missed the big bulb of orange disappearing into the ocean, I still had an urge to go stand on the sand.  So, I grabbed a sweater and a hat (it’s chilly here on the beach) and ran down the stairs to my breathtaking backyard.  A storm is brewing out there.  The wind is so strong that it is blowing sand up into my face. The ocean is wild, with waves knocking into each other in all directions.  I can not find the moon, but I can feel it’s energy. 

I brought my phone down to take a picture, I press the camera button on it and the screen goes black with a little death symbol.  Perfect, for mercury retrograde and the full moon.  I place the phone down on a rock and take myself to the foot of the water.  I just want to take in this incredible energy.  This incredible force that nature is. 

Change it is a brewing.  I don’t know what it looks like, but I am open and available for it!  I love change!

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