Friday, April 9, 2010


The notebook that I brought with me to Austin, to my Baron Baptiste training, is the same notebook that I brought with me to CafĂ© Gratitude’s Aloha Awakening retreat in Maui last October and it is the same notebook that I brought with me to India.  There is some real powerful stuff in there.  It is the notebook that I wrote in when my laptop was not an option (I prefer to type than to write, I am quite messy when getting things out of my head and onto paper).  I have not opened this notebook since I returned from India.  I often told myself to, so that I could post what came up for me while I was in the Ashram, but I just never did.

So, sitting in a conference room in Austin last week, I opened it.  On the last page that I had written on was a list entitled “REASONS FOR INDIA”.  It was a list that I made up when I started to feel confused about staying there.  I had listed what I had planned to do in India, or what my trip was about for me and then there was a wavy line with reasons that I didn’t want to be there.  It is funny because even the top of the list, the reasons for India, have nothing to do with India itself.  The only reason that really works in India and not here is “CAN LIVE CHEAP”.  The last thing on the reasons to stay list is “WANT TO LIVE AT THE BEACH”.  So, right now and since I have returned from India I am fulfilling the entire list except that living cheaply one!

Varkala & Trivandrum, India.

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